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A dream materialised before her eyes Clouding her vision as an angel descends, her end in guise; Charming his way into her soul Leading her to a woeful, wretched world, where she happily strolled But, she portrayed such ignorance Making him perceive she was captivated by her very sense. The Predator entrapping his prey His voice low, eyes devouring, intentions grey And her heart knew no bounds, For long, she chased her love profound, Long enough till she was to fall asleep while he prepared for the hunt, Prepared for the speckles of dirt Mudding her image, tarnishing her oblivion, And then he invaded her body as she whined Shivering and clawing on his underside. After the troubles and pain, she had faced His betrayal left her dazed The trust she had put in Was ripped, the splinters making her pay for her sin The beautiful illusion disappeared in a puff of smoke And she was left alone to choke. He stands still, a wicked gleam, staring unabashedly Diving into her eyes tasting her grief, feeding on her fear But she knows she has the strength to cheer The weight of the incident and his indifference pulls her down But she wants to fly Shattering his resistance into sighs The remnant ambers of her unfinished tale Stands sturdy against the vigorous gale She tries to fight the world and all his lies Wondering if the law could glimpse the agony in her eyes.

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