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Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what the agenda is for today: Guiding Men on what to do and what not to do when women get periods. We shall commence now.

I hum Bismil from the movie Haider and come to the part ‘Jhelum, hua laal laal….’

My friend gives me a murderous look and says, ‘Well, thanks for reminding me of the laal Jhelum I have currently.’

My male friend just chuckles and says, Women and their periods, extremely overhyped.’

He gets murderous looks from two pairs of eyes now.

Men, sweet innocent men, we understand that some of you still have not been able to imbibe the concept of periods well enough, so here are some pointers for you:

1. Periods happen every 28 days when the thick uterus lining made to support a fertilized egg breaks down because the egg did not fertilize. It comes out in the form of blood and because of the disruption in the natural body cycle; women get cramps and stomach aches. They would not complain without a reason. The pain is as real as any other and just because it happens every month does not exactly mean that it gets easier to bear it.

2. Every girl has a different body type which reacts to periods differently. Yes, mood swings are inevitable because the estrogen levels are at a high then. Women do get moody and cranky but it is just four days in a week. Women get their female cycle over a month while men get theirs over a day. Thus it would be unfair to say that only women suffer from mood swings when men are prone to those every 15-20 minutes.

3. There is no need to shy away from buying pads for your female friend or relative. It is just a way to help them out and it is as natural as buying a condom.

4. The first rule of dealing with the cycle-you never mention the cycle. You tiptoe around it. The woman’s actually taken great pains to hide the monster she’s become. But if you acknowledge it, that brings the monster forth.’

-Phil Dunphy

Absolutely not. She does not turn into a monster. She is the same person with just a slightly distorted cycle. That does not automatically make her a monster. That also does not give her the right to make you her emotional punch bag.

Do not feel the need to tiptoe around the fact either. It is there as it is and the situation might as well be acknowledged.

5. 'Is it that time of the month?’ is honestly the most infuriating question because it just denotes that every emotion of ours is directly linked to our periods. Men think that women somehow go kooky in their head during their periods and should not to be taken seriously.

Apart from that, I would like to say that not all men have been ignorant and even if they have, it is never too late to start showing support.

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