An Open Letter to Non-Believers

Edited by Sanyam Garg

Dear non-believers,

I won’t call you pessimistic, you know you are not. I won’t call you realistic either because I know that even though the world is really dark, there’s a bright side as well, and you refuse to acknowledge it.

Hence I choose to call you non-believers.

I’ll tell you a funny thing about you, the world thinks you are a coward. Jumping off a double-storey building could be an act of bravery for the world but could be an invitation to death for you. What’s right and practical in your head is considered as ‘cowardly’ by the world.

I’ll tell you another funny thing about you, the world thinks you are sad. Going out on a date post three months of your breakup could be moving on for them but could be an emotional burden to you. What’s mature and stable in your head is sad in the world’s head.

I like to classify believers and Non-Believers into two other categories, people who believe that life is linear and people who believe in the circle of life.

People who believe in the circle of life believe that whatever has happened will happen again and again, and then again. I am here to tell you it won’t. Just because you got cheated-on when you were hopelessly in love, and burnt your hand while lighting a lamp; and just because you lost, when you thought you were bound to win does NOT mean that it will happen again. Every person is not the same, every fire is not the same, every game is not the same.

It’s really important to know that you can ether live your dreams or live your fears.

The worst that could happen is going to happen anyway, but the best is solely in your hands. Constraining yourself because you’re afraid is easy, setting yourself free demands courage.

My dear non-believers, Eternalism is just a theory, but Presentism is the ultimate truth. So stop bounding yourself to non-existing chains and please stop pulling back.

Play those shots!

With a lot of belief,

A former Non-Believer.

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