There were lights there,

The bright sort that alarm all the denizens on the road,

Like bright headlights from a car nobody owns,

But everyone loves

But they were missing you

Those lights painted a song,

The tune was a halo that permeated across,

I swear you could hear it in the hissing of the current,

The air was so electric it almost had me worried,

All bodies silently swaying to the song,

The rhythm was low frequency yet so very strong,

I spent many an moments just pacing across,

Trying to push away the nagging thought,

That it was the sort of thing I should drag you for,

From the cities of dreams where you were,

Correcting things that don't need correction,

Cause when she sings she grabs your attention,

Shakes you and stirs your soul,

A part of your heart which feel like it's whole again,

Wish you were there, dear friend

In a daze of wonder I moved along,

The stretch of shops, a sea of thought,

The country travelled in fabric,

Artistry and for those who had it,

This wonderful buffet of colours and cloth, had but smiles,

You know the sort, eight hours of sleep after a well spent night,

But what was missing from that whole equation,

Was you,

The star dust from your hair,

Bouncing off the red on the walls,

The bricks needed company for they were drab,

Like having poor décor in your cab,

The stalls were calling you cause they knew,

They needed a bit of that star power to push along,

The sort of girl whom everyone wants,

To talk to and love

And maybe I could have cared,

To stay a bit longer,

But you were far enough to not know what was happening,

But not far enough to keep you out of our heart,

The worst part,

Is knowing that it was something almost good,

But what could have been the best part so far away from it

It was this,

Partial deafness in my brain,

I could not just go back to laze in my room

Beauty prevailed,

And I say,

I could not hear the voice that usually goes,

The memory on the phone is full,

I had to click a few pics to make a few,

Had to delete a few old files to make way for the new,

Cause you asked me to,

Of course I would do that

And they click with me whenever I'm bored or sad,

Over things that go wrong with my plans,

When earth starts to turn to quick sand,

And I am hurting from the slipping that demands,

My full depression

However in retrospection,

It was a short trip where,

The most desirable of fevers gripped,


It was a mid October fever,

When all the pretty things in the world for two days were over here,

All save for you,

I wish you were here