Ananya - III

I guess that's her,

Who likes roses for their cliché,

And carries an umbrella in her purse for when it rains,

You know the sort of girl,

You would sit out those parties for late night shows on the radio,

Who starts every request with a yes to end it in no,

She revels in our tragedy,

This most beautiful of maladies

It's probably her,

She got class, but never sits in one,

Hopping through cities as if on the run,

She has a long list of those shady friends,

Who listen to obscure music abusing substances,

She charges her batteries in seedy tents,

She works that black lipstick like a perfect ten,

Out of ten or out of a million different people she is one,

And the club has that song which is going strong this summer,

I can't remember by whom it was sung,

But what matters more than the ancillary details about the number,

Is her turning back to confirm she is Ananya

I'm positive it is her,

Who else can pull off that backless dress,

That comes with tacky bracelets in matching sets,

Each hand is holding the room together,

I could swear to god I could be here forever,

But I have somewhere to be at the end of this night,

And I would very much prefer if you were by my side

Who else can it be,

She works the crowd like a pro,

They cheer her on as her voice soars,

And fills the room like a glass of red wine,

She can down two bottles of stronger stuff any time,

She got a bit of a cold but all that is patched,

Cause she has stuffed Vicks up her nostrils to catch,

All the raindrops and the sky is pouring,

Everything is shutting down and out now,

We could continue a conversation that starts to bore and,

Let our subsequent kiss seal and drown,

All the noise that surrounds


And I walk across with nervous sighing,

Bumping into people with drinks and trying,

To think of things that are half lies,

With the only true thing in my unimpressive life,

Is how your smile can really make the room bright,

I tap your shoulder cause this perfect line,

Might escape,

As you turn it turns out I forgot what I had to say,

When you turned your back and confirmed you were not Ananya