Ananya - I

I'll remember you,

By your hair paired with a smile breezy,

Resting easy on a face glazed by an amazing,

Brown solution, eyes sparkling in high resolution,

My jokes keep you amused long enough to prove to me that you,

Are a gem of a person,

That's how I'll remember you

I'll remember you,

By the conversations we had but could not complete,

The play you invited me to which I could never see,

The place I thought we could meet to discuss my flair for poetry,

Over coffee without sugar, two open books with pages made from coconut trees,

The pages warm from from what was scribbled and cold from what could not be,

I'll remember you that way

I'll remember you,

By what I could paint from my imagination,

Imagined wasted hours listening to your favourite cassette,

You feel imagination is over-rated,

I so hate that we never synced our cycles of hating,

The same things,

Your name rings like an alarm clock in my head,

Which I misplaced while drowsily shutting it off from my bed,

Me as the villain of this story,

You a super trooper stardust angel,

Made-up words to adorn this beauty-sans-makeup girl,

That's how I'll remember you