October 30, 2017


Circumstances are harsh, all I have to my name
Is a sliver of hope, dancing despite my pain.
Expectations soar as I prevail
Yet no empathetic ear hears a wail.


The world thinks it has slaughtered my aim
Made me mundane, a worker immersed in pain
But despite all the glances they cast at me
The glint in my eye they fail to perceive.


You keep me caged, like tigers in a zoo
You give me some pages and a pen too
You think me incapable for want of tools
But dare you think I’m tamed, you fools.


You wait for opportunities, I create them
You ask for riches, I earn them.
I am what you aspire to become
Yet you choose the easy path, when time comes.


There’s no end to this tale
I embrace hope, my future pale
And again you aspire to be me
Failing to see what makes me be.



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Life isn’t perfect, neither is luck
And I deign to live it without a buck.
Oh! Fate I can stand, with all its misdemeanours
For the desire for success in me, burns like all fevers.


My path before me is shrouded from sight
Which does nothing to deter, me and my relentless might
I aspire to achieve all tasks set to me
Not asking for rewards, just a little ease







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