Cold Arms

They drove home together in a car that had the rotting stench of liquor Staring at each other Thinking about how this would be a night to remember Well she'd loved him since the tender age of 10 Everything that he was and everything that made him him From his dirt brown eyes to his perfectly frazzled hair Nevertheless, he never really felt the same So, in the cold arms of others she tried to find the true love affair but through it all,she could never forget his sublime intoxicating air And now, Tonight Would finally be the night Where they consummated this heavenly affair And as they reached their resting place She pushed him on to the bed with gentle care He smiled and drifted into a serene sleepless state Thinking about how stupefyingly lucky he was To have her as a completely angelic friend And right then she took her final steps Climbing on to him to fulfill what she felt destiny entailed He shook awake and pleaded to her right there I don't want this, not today or ever again She told him to stay awake as what would come next he could never forget He whimpered and screamed telling her to let go But the whiskey had taken away All the little inklings of his control He begged her to make it stop But she just told him this is what all men want And when it finally came to a deafening halt She kissed him and told him we are soul mates now and forever on While he just lay there and cried Unable to move; immobilized by terrifying fright Two years later when he finally told his best friend all about the night he never forgot All his friend laughingly asked - Was she devilishly hot?

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