Dating on an App

“Wait a minute, I am on WhatsApp“,

Said my roomie as he sounded to be in a trap,

Dating his Girlfriend in a zap,

Using emojis in a flap.

It was so easy to find pleasure,

WhatsApp being his ultimate leisure,

Though, if we measure, we find;

Time flies till we get displeasure.

Oh! What a couch potato he became,

When how he dated, led to defame.

She shared his chats on her 'Wall Of Fame';

He could have spent his time playing a golf game,

Instead of making WhatsApp his only game.

WhatsApp was cool

While at school,

Spent loads of hours on the class group,

Reminders and deadlines kept all in the loop,

Oh! WhatsApp was so whoop!

If I watched my friends while on WhatsApp,

Their faces looked like lust maps,

From wide eyes like those of bright stars on a full moon night

To eyes which were like mountain water flowing on a rock.

What will keep him mindful?

He yearns to be prideful,

Can he spend a day away from an App?

This will get back his liberty cap.

He kept away from the wretched app,

Basking in the glory of his golf cap;

No more ‘three monkey’ symbol discussions,

Life is an energetic percussion.

Now he walks with a sway,

A macho look on the way,

To watch a movie with the love of his life;

To grow with each other through their life.

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