"Sometimes, I make good decisions"

As I walked my way into a bar,

I found myself near an alcohol counter not very far.

All my friends cheered amongst themselves and gulped shots after shots,

After which they had flavoured hookah in different lit pots.

I was clearly the odd one out of the lot,

Sipping on a virgin mojito that I had just bought.

My friends and a few acquaintances laughed at my choice,

While I stood there handling their taunts with poise.

"I don't need no alcohol to bring me temporary happiness," I said,

I'd rather be rational and think with my head.

Since stress knows how to swim ,

I drown my sorrows by releasing happy hormones while I'm swinging near the gym.

There was an awkward silence from their end,

Along with an unapologetic grin of mine, they tried hard to bend.

I might be the most uncool person to them,

But to my liver, I am a very precious gem.

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