Eco Trail to Konkan

Traveling has been one of the most intriguing experience one can ever dwell in. From meeting, new people to gaining experiences with nature, one has nothing to regret on. Time just stops around those moments of endless laughter and relentless fun. But is there anything else attached to a planned journey?

It is the bond you build up with people whom you travel with, knowing them better and unveiling a lot of qualities that would remain dormant while meeting them in a normal workday. I emphasize on the part that I carry a lot of memories with the team while reflecting on the journey but even nature would have not appeased me if I hadn’t had the amazing company with me.

This trip organized by Exporeit, with a good way to teach us team learning and communication skills. There were a lot of ways we experimented to make it more exciting-Changing Seating arrangement: We switched our seats after every stop of the bus, most of the journey being covered by the bus, provided an opportunity for everyone to talk to each other and know each other well.

Another important method practiced for building strong bonds by Exploreit was eating together, that’s why family members dine in together, hostels have a mess and friends go out for food, couples go out on frequent dates, so yes! Food does play the trick! Sharing a laugh together: who doesn’t love laughing with friends till their abs hurt? Laughter has no language, it crosses all the boundaries of age, sex, religion, cultures etc. Despite of having different type of people we shared innumerable laugh on various topics.

Playing sports together: Sports have always been a mode to develop qualities of leadership, team spirit and team player. We played Frisbee, beach cricket, table tennis, carom, badminton and to add cream to it we participated in adrenalin rush demanding adventure sports. Not all people were masters in the sport, but maybe some of them learned a bit from the other, some learned new tricks and moves while others appreciated one's skills and had a good time.

Bon Fire Night: This was the most beautiful time spent, around 12 midnight on 31st we, all of us sat surrounding a bonfire and talked about our experiences of 2017 and what do we expect from 2018. All of us spoke about our aspirations and ambitions, all the speeches were deeply filled with emotions and sentiments, after the speech others commented on them about their perceptions about everything summed together.

A group of 17 and now, a team of 17. The relationships and the bond entwined with fun and laughter was the best new year present I could ever have.

Havi Joshi

(An Explorer from Exploreit)