Enemies and Friends - I

You're the ocean,

With thoughts periodically collapsing into itself,

A big blue contradiction,

A mistress of tasteful mischief,

You got only cold facts that are alphabetically arranged,

Full of fiction

Your art is theft,

The cleft that makes a walnut of your thoughts and actions,

Valley of moral dereliction

I want not to want you,

Want not to not want happiness in normal things,

Want to scream


Only you,

Got that sort of charm,

That makes a tense moment feel,

Funny and harm,

Seeks the mind craving a rush,

And the stuff that you love is enough to get us both in trouble

So what?

If we were two sovereign nations,

Whose residents vacationed in each other's beaches,

Would you still control the borders?

If I was an innocent piece of garlic,

And you had an urge to spice up the food for some unexpected guests,

Would I face the mortar?

If I was involved in some financial fraud,

And had a bounty on my head for a sum that outdoes your pension scheme 12:1,

Would you hunt me down in a chopper?

If we went to the bar together,

And you picked up a guy while I picked up the tab which ate up 1/6th my wages,

Would I be the chauffeur?

If you had infinite wishes from a Genie,

And had one to spare given that you can only wish for so much,

Would I be at the other end of the offer?

And even if you fool me

Or stab me with unkind remarks,

I'd still park my car in your corner


Only you,

Got the sort of calm,

In situations that ruin my nerves and seem to harm,

My mind every second when its awake,

And you slap me out of my masquerades and everything is ok


Only you,

Sort of like those games,

Spreading hoaxes just to let them say,

Things they would not believe but put anything in a tweet,

And they will believe, now you’re pleased by how they quote what you conceived


Only you,

Bought that lucky charm,

I was selling to earn enough to take us out,

Of routine and be us in some place serene,

Talk it over drinks and bed it over coffee

So what?

-Special Thanks: John Cooper/Alex Turner