“Then a war broke out Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back”-Revelation 12:7-9.

Fall of the rebel angels or fallen angels is an oil painting by “Peter Bruegel” who was a renaissance artist. It was painted in 1562 and is currently exhibited at the royal museum of fine arts in Belgium.

The painting depicts a war in heaven which has been mentioned in the Book of Revelations, it was a war fought between angels and demons where archangel Michael was commanding the forces of angels and the devil or Satan in the form of dragon commanded the forces of the demons. The war depicts a fight between good and evil and the concept of fallen angels.

The story of fallen angels and the painting is an allegory to depict an important message of the bible. The story of the fallen angels can be traced back to the casting out of Satan from heaven. It is a known fact that Satan or devil was an angel who was known as “Lucifer” but always rejected god and considered himself to be better than him and his pride lead to his downfall thus he was banished from heaven and ordered to live in hell.

He was constantly attempting to tempt people and direct them to a path away from god. The fallen angels is a story which depicts the angels who sinned and followed Satan on the path of evil and had now become demons. The painting depicts archangel Michael in a golden armour fighting against all this evil and the dragon who is the embodiment of Satan and all evil, the battalion of Michael who are the angels in white they are fighting against the battalion of Satan who once is slayed and fall on earth turn into hideous creatures with distorted body. The painting simply depicts the concept of good and evil, how there is a constant fight between two. The contrast in the use of colours of the painting makes it more prominent where the darker colours are the personification of evil whereas the lighter colours are a personification of the good. If you see the painting at first glance the angels seem to have an upper hand they are pushing the demons to the hell but once you look at it closely you realise the demons or rebels take a larger part of the painting their numbers are too large as compared to the Michaels battalion, they are never-ending.

The angels in white represent good

The distorted and hideous creatures who are sinned, angels.

The devil in the form of dragon is a representation of all the evils of the world namely “Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Anger, Envy, Pride” he shall always tempt us to this path of wrongdoings the angels who follow him and sinned are a representation of how once you sin or fall for any of these temptations results in our own downfall, them turning into hideous monsters can be personified as how we turn into creatures who are hideous on the inside that can be compared to our mental state the depression, anxiety, fear, hatred, jealousy and envy apart from physical distorted state which is usually rare here the distorted or deforming of the sinned angels can be a metaphor of the deformed or distorted mental state that we all descend into. If the painting is seen closely there is an imaginary line which is creating a disparity between the good and evil the lower darker portion and the upper lighter portion have a division in the centre which has none of the colours in prominence.

The Original Painting

An edit trying to showcase the line which represents the two halves of the painting that follows the concept of the biblical story of good and evil.

The Painting can have a contradictory explanation at one place we can see it as a work which depicts that even if the angels or the good tries to fight with the evil no matter how hard you try it, it is recurring and it will prevail over the good as we can see the number of the sinned or the demons are far more than those of the angels or the good and somehow evil will always try to triumph over good. But I choose to see the painting in a positive sense.

The simple biblical story has a greater meaning how those who sinned were punished and pushed to the netherworld or hell since they had been consumed by ego and pride , they had started believing that they were far superior to the creator or god , they believed that they were born to rule and not serve and it was the devil who is the embodiment of evil who lured them into believing this.

Their power to reason or to differentiate between good or evil had been clouded by the temptations that were put forth at them. They could no longer decipher the meaning of god or heaven, that God was not someone who wanted to be served but wanted to serve others and those who followed him believed in the same but this clash of ideologies resulted in rebellion and war creating two different sides.

But the demons that were now being pushed to the netherworld were once angels, were all a part of the same creator and his residing place just a bit of temptation caused them to shun all that aside and follow a path which lead to their eventual downfall, though they had the choice the intellect to perceive what is right and wrong they choose the wrong but in the same manner we can see even though the angels and Archangel Michael were surrounded by the evil whose numbers were overpowering them they did not let their belief in good their inner strength crumble down and fought for what was right.

Archangel Michael surrounded by darkness on all side still strives to fight for good and his belief.

Thus, depicting how sometimes it is our own choice to decipher what is good and what is evil.? Nobody but we are responsible for our own choices.

We all have the power the intellect to make our own choices and take our path but we ought to choose the correct path, the one that we believe in, the one that will help us flourish. No matter how hard the temptation or the lures of this world are we have to strive towards the good just like Michael and his angels who despite the darkness fought for the light.

There may be inner darkness in us all that tries to lure us into its abyss we need to believe in our inner positivity that shines within us the one that will guide us out of the caverns of this darkness and will be our guiding light for all our life.