Edited by Kiara Lakdawala


Just in case you were wondering, I’ll forgive you.

I'll forgive you for every time I made a mistake, my parents reacted with anger, and then in response, started wondering where they went wrong. For, through all those reactions and responses I still loved them and so now, when I reacted and am responding to your mistake, I know. I know you’ll love me through my reactions too. For the multiple times, I told you that you have issues and for having more issues myself.

I'll forgive you for when I granted you the permission to be mine; I took you for granted. For, every time I pinched you, you whined, and I enjoyed it, but maybe...maybe you didn't. For the million times that you told me you loved me and I told you love was not my thing, it hurt you. For I've hurt you too.

I'll forgive you for the Thursday evening when we were playing around, teasing each other and I crossed my limits, so you said that you’re leaving and you left, I didn’t come to convince you and bring you back. For the hundreds of times that I should’ve had come behind you but I didn’t.

I’ll forgive you for your mistakes don’t get to my head; the times you don’t listen to me do. For, you’ve never really been able to make it to my head, for that matter. For, when another guy made you smile, I felt insecure, and for never letting you know that I have insecurities too, that I get jealous too and that I care about you too...a lot.

I'll forgive you for I didn't stay awake on Saturday night when you wanted me to, just because I was a bit tired. For maybe it left you alone. For maybe if only I stayed, you wouldn't kiss him. For, if only getting turned on was your choice, there wouldn't be the turn. For it was me who didn’t care about things, for I created the care vacancy, in the first place, to be filled by him. For, I’m not good at handling expectations myself.

I'll forgive you for if only kisses expressed your affection for someone, prostitutes wouldn't ask you for money, but, to stay. For, love is stronger than money, isn't it? Or so I've heard.

I'll forgive you for I need you to forgive me.