Freddy's Radio

I'm doing radio now,

They are running out of web,

The internet is just ads now,

Social media lost all my friends,

The times are twisting and the anchors anchoring our lives,

Behind things to do,

Are eating themselves out like a coral reef,

That is dissolving into the blue

I'd like to travel around the world and watch the sun rise from different vantage points,

But I don't think I have anything to prove

I could stay in a place and try to come to terms with my existence,

But what good will that do?

I just do radio now

I switch off my phone,

The easiest way to shut down my mind,

My digital garden gnome,

The sign for others to stay outside,

We got the first ten years to get hooked to the plan,

And the next ten years to try to learn to do without,

The third quartile of the same amount,

Learning to live with it without breaking our heads,

We got a death wish hanging at the back of our pants,

It's a cellular addition to that cellulite plan,

That you got from a pamphlet with a dubious stand,

Reading and reading but where are your friends tonight?

Hooked on some self righteous right leaning website

That's how it starts,

The radio shows on DD got a familiar tune,

I know that it's lost on me,

But the nostalgia sells a buck or two,

And the folk in their homes tune in at night,

The sun sinks behind the radio waves,

I know I am hearing what I knew from before,

But now I'm hearing of it in unfamiliar ways,

I will paint me a picture of the heads behind the mike,

And draw some scenery in front of their eyes,

I know that we got nothing to grasp,

Changing channels just to get a feel of the radio static

Isn't it romantic to be that lost,

With tech from the bronze age,

I used to earn unearned praise from Facebook posts,

That I painted so rosy and it took so much time to make,

I got some cake because I ran out of bread,

I will do radio cause we ran out of web,

The router dies in my arms tonight,

My mind is spinning trying to do its best,

Got time on my hands but my hands are too full,

My mind running pillar to post about things that don't matter at all,

Got a party I wanna be at but I got a plan,

Just sitting at the foot of the radio, which is my friend tonight