We complain a lot. Don't we?

Our day starts with accusing the alarm for waking us up. We struggle every minute to get out of our comfortable bed.

Not even once do we realize that there are people who sleep on the streets and guess what, they don't need an alarm to wake them up, their hardship, sorrow and misery always keeps them on their toes. The rigid road is their bed and the black sky is their quilt.

We grumble about how everyday we have to decide our attire, excess of choice confuses us, and we lose ourselves to the thaumaturgy of materialism.

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It never dawns us that there are people, who don't even have enough clothes to cover their bodies.

We moan when there is less cheese in our burger. Number of deaths due to starvation are increasing day by day.

We hate going to school, college or work. There are people, alien to the concept of education.

You think that your life is a mess. Well, there are people who are okay with living a harsh life. Because it’s normal to them as they have never tasted joy. They are foreign to comfort, happiness and serenity. So, soreness, adversity and gloom are some things conventional for them.

We live in a world which is open to criticism. Hence, everything can be criticized and complained about, and we use this opportunity to its fullest. We are thankless for every moment we live in peace.

So take a minute, stop and just be grateful for everything little, small or insignificant you have.

Be obliged as all your body parts are in working condition. You can see, hear and speak.

Be thankful, as the sun still rises every morning, brightening the sky above you. Lightning your day so that you can work in tranquility.

Be thankful, as the wind still blows, drying up your sweat.

Be thankful, as the stars still twinkle in the dark sky, enabling you testify the artistry of nature.

Gratitude doesn't come with a price.

Edited by Diya Mathew

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