Happy Holidays!

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So it’s that time of the year again!

Amidst all the food, fun and flare; a certain holiday card went viral on Twitter.

This holiday card stated “Merry Christmas”, signed by President of the United States of America, the first lady Melania Trump and their eleven old year son. This holiday card had a hint of everything, right from irony to nepotism.

Until last year, the oval office released a card which stated “Happy Holidays” because it’s not just Christmas that is celebrated this time of the year. But like a lot of other positive traditions, this one too was thrown out with the trash this year.

We celebrate Christmas because we celebrate the love and condescension of God.

We exchange gifts because we believe God gave us the indescribable gift of life. It is said that God sent his only son Jesus Christ on earth because our world was shattering into pieces and that our sins had headed us all to our doom and hence, we needed a savior. We didn’t need a savior because there was some natural catastrophe or an invasion from those who live outside of our planet, we needed a savior to save us from each other. We needed protection from ourselves.

It’s been two thousand years since, maybe God thought that at least now we all would mend our ways and live in harmony with each other; that finally in light of whatever has happened in the past we won’t implode our own world into darkness again.

But here we are again, always tearing down each other just because we all are a little different from each other. It seems like people no longer even respect the existence of those who aren’t like them. In this so-called progressive era of ours, we are taking huge regressive steps. Even though we always thought we were capable of everything, it looks like we need a savior again, this time too, to save us from our own plight. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle!

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