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Often, when I look at the past, it’s just a chunk of memories that I remember. Memories- that are giving way to a flood of thoughts flowing brutally over the dam of awareness. It leads a rampage over my head,while destroying the essence of my today’s life. While , breaking open the gates to a fourth dimension- the haunt of the history- a place that could never be here. It is what is neither a part of the present nor is it something that can reappear in the future.

Today, I sit here typing on my laptop. But, in reality, my head is lost somewhere in the midst of a strange land on the fourth dimension. There, I am sitting in a jaunt nestled between my parents and sister and the extended family. Our jaws are stretched as wide as they could as a light flashed brightly in front of our eyes. The photographer finally approved the photo, and everybody quickly freed themselves from jostling with one another. I remember this evening well. It is what I know today, as the first New Year’s Eve I ever celebrated in a traditional sense.

The chill of the night air is pricking at my skin much as it had on that evening. My mother had dressed me in a deep purple evening gown that had puffy sleeves with no consideration of the weather. Although, it may have been fashionably adept, I was wishing it were shorter so it would be easier to run around the park chasing after all my cousins. It was a beautiful night though.

The sky was clear, and the stars sparkled. There were a billion types of foods to choose from, and I was determined to have a taste of them all. To make it better, for my entertainment, I sat and looked at all the other people. The big ones were laughing as they sipped on colored drinks and shaking their buttocks to Bollywood music. As the clock struck twelve and fireworks lit up the sky, I could hear the chanting of the verse “Happy New Year” in a chorus, again and again. This made me very confused.. At the same time, I have to say all this drama was hilarious.

I can still remember, that night as I drove back home, cramped up with eight exhausted people in a five seater car. My belly was begging to burst open, and I was still going at an ice-cream with great vigor. In all seriousness, that night I knew nothing about why I was there celebrating and why was everybody so excited for just a few minutes.

Today, as I sit here typing on my laptop, I still don’t know. In the last few years, I have discovered that the new year is a beautiful concept, but it lasts for only a little while leading up to the moment. In all this time, I came up with just a thought, “Why must we restrict ourselves to be merry for just one party, when we can be “Happy Now Here”?”

Roo Panes, Open Road; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNM4cnLLv5k

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