Colour Consciousness; A Human Degradation

The color consciousness is deeply ingrained in the minds of Human beings from time immemorial, culminating in a knee-jerk reaction of beauty and superiority of fair color. White is obsessed with the narcissistic approach and on the other hand, colored bordering to black is made to suffer with a sense of doom and depression in the long run.

The history is replete with examples of such discrimination like known human bondage of black serving the whites as slaves with no human rights and at times treated as animals. The great US President Lincoln abolished the slavery system upholding the human dignity. The color discrimination persisted as apartheid in South Africa which ultimately was abolished as it stands today.Our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi proved to be a catalyst to against apartheid system and later on Nelson Mandela succeeded in this endeavour. Mahatma Gandhi realizing this great human segregation pioneered against it which he carried on to India as the savior of freedom movement. Had he carried on legal practice he could have been enormously rich in terms of money but he chose to go for the cause of human freedom.

The concept of materialistic approach leads to self-aggrandizement. History tells us that has a person ever become famous for material gains?

The mind-boggling example to serve the human equality is served in the case of Dr.Christiaan Neethling Barnard of South Africa. He implanted the first heart of a black in a white named Philip Blaiberg who went to live for nineteen months with a black heart. This is an ample proof of human equality devoid of caste,color and creed. Despite this, the travesty of segregation among the human race persisted for a long time and is somewhat lingering in the conscious mind by and large to some extent. Unfortunately with tremendous advancement in science and technology it has not been able to shun away the ideas of colour rather than merit. Unfortunately we still persist with the face value of a person,not let alone personality. It may be argued that blacks are a downtrodden lot, but have we pondered that this effect is culminated due to segregation. Martin Luther King having been influenced by thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi championed the civil rights movement for coloured people in much the same way as Americans,but animosity rose to such a great height that he was shot dead in his youthful days throws light to the rigidity of thoughts leading to such a crime sows to the depth of roots of colour consciousness. The history revers with a sense of gratitude who lived above themselves to espouse the cause that they stood for,that is human dignity.

I can substantiate with various examples to dwell upon this fallacy of human race. The concept of black and white have also percolated down in our society in various forms such as in Matrimonial ads in our newspapers for a fair complexion and beautiful bride which leads to enormous sale and advertisement of the products to achieve this. Often the claims are superficial as the color is hereditary in which chemical melanin plays the role, with the advancement of age the hair turn grey ultimately to white as the production of this depletes in the human body. The coloring and usage of other chemicals to enhance look leaves a trail of side effects which are often hazardous at the back of it is to look younger, fair and beautiful which is contrary to natural growth. The lineage towards fair and white complexion leading to preference over others this causes discrimination and is detrimental often leads to a biased attitude.

Such color consciousness germinates into the emerging picture of class consciousness which is based in frivolous on face value rather than an evaluation on the basis of the value of a person as humanity is the derivative of human. The first and foremost question is to make an evaluation on the basis of it, achievements and causes person has served for the benefit of the human race and not on the basis of color. Furthermore, the concept of life is to lead life on the value system enshrined in our epics.

Last but not the least the cherished values in a human being is to develop a sense of compassion and think beyond oneself to serve the human kind and obviously the concept of color goes into oblivion.

Christiaan Barnard

Martin Luther King

Part 2 : Colour consciousness;The “unfair” treatment coming soon....

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