The J – Thoughts: World Map

The J – Thoughts will be a series of short articles through which I would like to thank some people or incidents for teaching me or making me understand the bigger picture. I was fortunate that I got a chance to fulfil my childhood dream of staying at a hostel. During my first year of BBA, I resided at this hotel type hostel Prabhu Krupa in Tingre Nagar. I had a friend named Ram (name changed) who was jolly, had strong business acumen, a true juggadu. He was a non – BBA student but was the best marketer I had come across, he could possibly sell to you anything and you would buy it. When it was my last day at the hostel, he gifted me a World Map, I was taken aback for a moment why would someone gift me a World Map. I told him the gift is really very nice and I shall surely hang the map in my flat.

There were two important lessons for life which he told me while giving the map: A) There are endless opportunities for you in the world, you just need to have a desire and zeal to find and explore those opportunities. He said whenever you feel you have missed some opportunity or did not get something as you desired just have a look at the map, you will see a plethora of opportunities. B) There could be a day when you think you have reached the summit but don’t get that to your head. Never become egoistic but see the map again and then realize you are a small fraction of it and there are many things yet to be accomplished.

I must say these two lessons though taught to be casually are very important because by thinking about endless opportunity, one broadens one’s vision and it gives one a thinking capacity to envision a situation from a higher degree which many people can’t, therefore, it leads to dissatisfaction and disputes, by broadening your vision you become more humble, let less of your emotions affect you and become a calm & composed person. The second lesson is more important than the first one because many people have delayed their fortunes by thinking they know it all or by becoming egoistic. It is fair if you don’t want to speak with someone but you need to use the power of gratitude to enjoy each day of your life and think there are so many things yet to be done which will help you not curse your job, boss, and family members but be self-motivated to take action.

-Jigar N Chhadwa