Just Old News

Sometimes I like to eat things that disagree with my system,

Mix in kimmerspeck with anti depression prescriptions,

Hear audiobooks because I like to visualise the description,

Dull my mind on opiods cause my doctor got me addicted,

I'm guessing it's good for my health, but by the way that my belt,

Is suddenly feeling looser could maybe mean it is not conducive for my constitution,

Which constitutes nothing but a hollowed out hollow man,

Salaried at the minimum wage married to the prepaid plan,

Did I mention that it pans without any success,

Now he is taken to a psychiatrist who says that he's depressed

Compress his experience to symptoms experienced by most patients,

While patiently jotting down a list of pain-killers,

Billed at the max, but feeling nil at the end,

He could have ended his life but he needs to finish the milk before the expiry date,

Now he inspired to check out and take a few day’s vacation,

Hang his boots, chill out and return to the same situation


No new news, just old things

Old ways and old friends

He'll drive his eco friendly car to work,

Recycle goods and other things in the same vein,

To save a planet that is meaningless to begin with,

He forgets it, over ads for nice places to party on Saturday,

He hates the noise but likes the drinks so he will go there anyways,

Now a days it's almost been everyday,

Earn a living just to spend it on wishing you were dead,

These days his snoring is just ignoring the coffin that is his bed,

Never mind, he puts in the hours behind a glass palace,

Never understand it was broken from the stones people had thrown at it,

Now he backs his car far in a comfortable place not skirting any traffic rules,

Trafficking his insecurity through the old familiar gates in a bitter suit,

Hit the bar and park two drinks into his system,

Then shake his body on the floor, hungry for human contact cause he miss them

Takes two steps and two songs later he is at his second best,

Confident and incompetent, also known as the most wanted man,

Blinded by an instinct than wins over reason, somehow the girls love the feeling,

That biological reaction that fakes a lethal attraction,

He gains traction, now he can count the centimetres in fractions,

Between him and her, him and the world at large through her,

She lets him say something stupid, he adds that joke to his incoherent line up,

Gets more giggling than laughing before his time's up,

The conversations gets less sober, gets over before it worsens,

She purred when he swore, now when she leaves he curses,

Goes back home with arms heavy but empty, body aching and ready,

To sleep it out till morning wakes him up giddy and heady,

He is waking up but not woke, shaking off the fact that he is broke,

And broken Cinderella's spell, back to Mr. Incognito,

Got to get back to work on his eco friendly car,

Parked far from his apartment that is starting to lose colour, while he's losing heart

You know,

The usual,

No new news,

Just old things,

Old ways and old friends