Kolam - Malayalam Melodic Metal that challenges the status quo

My friend recently shared a video song with me on YouTube. The name of the song was Kolam and it was themed around expressing resentment against the demonic beasts living among us in the society who are addicted to inhuman habits.

Praveen Chandran, the man behind Kolam knew about many unfortunate and dreadful incidents which were silenced into darkness. He thought of making a voice against demonic activities through his song. In the next minutes in a few hundred words, Praveen shall take you through his journey and how Kolam happened!

My life was more or less on track with my work as an architect that fed my stomach and paid my bills. But the artist in me who always wanted to try his hand at music was whispering in my ears to come out in the world. Ultimately, the musician in me flourished after years of dedicated work.

My basic foundation of music had its roots way back into my childhood. I was blessed with the basic understanding of rhythms and tunes and being the son of a renowned Panchavadyam artist father, I had a tilt towards musical instruments and mesmerizing voices. During my college years besides studying architecture, I formed a small band. We were three friends who used to practice endlessly to build our skills. Our closet music practice went on and college was over. After about five years of unrecognized hard work, during that time one of my close friends told me about music production software. I could use the software to create music myself when I was in a bad situation where thousands of music-related ideas were inside me, but there seemed no way to take them out. And life was never the same after that. Just before college was about to get over, we created a small music video which was themed around love. From my first work that came in the public eye, I learned that it was necessary for your work to be hundred percent original for you to place your signature on it. This ethic still remains with me to date. Despite creating hundreds of tunes, I worked on a new tune as if it was my first attempt at it. My music learning occurred when I practiced with an empty head.

After college, I moved from Kerala to Delhi and began working as an architect in ABRD ARCHITECTS which an architecture firm in Delhi. Work during day and music at night was my life. I had no other option to self-educate myself in areas that pertained to video editing, programming, music production, mixing, using tools and protocols and being professionally dedicated to your skill. People who played in gigs with me used to say that, "you easily pick up any beat without giving reference". It was all God's grace for what I know. I found work in small bands as a drummer and for three years I played in small gigs throughout Delhi.

One good thing that happened during gig days is that I met Pracheer Devli while playing for another band’s replacement gig. He turned out to be a wonderful guitarist, musician and a person who synced in music ideas during my music journey.

I always had in my mind to create a music album about something socially important as well as visually attractive and appealing.

One boring evening, a tune began to play in my head. I took one full day to work on it and finalized and finished the lyrics the next day. Sometimes following your gut takes you places. And the same happened. My song “Kolam” was shot under my direction and my dream to showcase the metal genre + melodic treat turned real. I was doubtful as to how the audience would respond to a Metal Malayalam song, and considering the audience, I broke into two parts - Melody+Metal. My father's selection of the location added a life to the visuals. Along with my brother from another mother Pracheer Devli’s Guitars and metal vocals, Jerome Justin the cameraman, and my younger brother Prasoon Chandran (Asst. Director), Kolam was successfully shot. On the viewership that recently crossed 15K, I designed the logo and t-shirts for Kolam to be more popular among people. With Kolam, I have just begun my musical journey. I have a long way to go. Being a musician it feels good when your work is visible to people. And being an artist it makes you feel humble when you think of creating something good every time you succeed!

That was what Praveen Chandran had to say about his song Kolam.

You can watch it by clicking HERE and enjoy a different style of music that is fresh and meaningful at the same time!

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