Congratulations! You have done what Pak wanted you to!

Amidst the escalating Indo Pakistan tensions, I see Indians being divided. Some Indians are against the government for this being a Hindutva ideology pulloff, jingoism, machoism or bravado of the BJP(proof attached below as to why it is being termed as “hindutva ”pulloff). Let me tell you that the national security of our nation is above all this petty politics. INC, BJP CPI be it any party or their ideology is nothing in front of our national security.

IAF carried out non-military pre-emptive action against the jaish terror camps. We have not targeted the military establishments, neither did we target innocent civilians. We have targeted terrorist camps which were sort of “terrorist academies” who would train and brainwash young boys to eventually attack Kashmir and cities like Delhi, Mumbai where we live. It would have caused havoc and loss of innocent Indians and our brave security personnel. India has done the strike in her self defense, every country has the right to self-defence. We have no enmity or hatred against the Pakistani people,we are against those Pakistanis who shelter terrorists and spread terror.

On the 27th PAF entered Indian airspace and lured a Mig 21 for a dog fight. It is commendable that a Mig 21,of the 1960s shot down an F-16. Unfortunately, one of our braveheart has been taken as a POW. Pakistan has been making social media videos of the officer which itself is a violation of the Geneva convention article 13 pertaining that the prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity. It is not legal to make a video of him and circulate it all over. In the first video it is clearly evident people beating the officer and the Pakistan army shamelessly watching the show. For those who have grown immense love for the Pakistanis after he’s been seen sipping tea. Well, they ought to do that POW are meant to be treated with respect.

In 1971 under the leadership of FM Manekshaw India returned over 93,000 soldiers of Pakistan army, without even a scratch, it is even said that our men slept on the floor while they slept on the beds. What did we get in return? In 1999 Lt.Saurabh Kalia and his men’s body. Post-mortem examinations revealed that the Pakistanis had tortured their prisoners by: burning their bodies with cigarettes, piercing the ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of their teeth and bones, fracturing their skulls, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of the soldiers, and finally shooting them dead, as evidenced by bullet wounds to the temple. The post-mortem also confirmed the injuries were inflicted ante-mortem.

What Pakistan is doing today is information warfare, they are dividing Indians with two opinions, one with a soft corner for “naya pakistan” and one against it. Remember each time we quarrel among ourselves there’s a General rejoicing in GHQ, Rawalpindi. Pakistan knows it well that they can't win in a conventional war with us it has been evident in 1947,1965,1971 and 1999. It can't compete with us economically especially when they are on an all-time low. It has almost zero support from the International community due to terror camp funding.

We Indians have different Ideologies, thought processes, political ideologies, that's the beauty of democracy! There are questions needed to be asked from the government such as why do we have a ten-year delay in procuring Rafael, is petty politics above the national security? Once the standoff is over. Our media should be cautious while reporting,just for the sake of TRP they have disclosed the important details of the Wing Commander captured. Also boycott the media which spurs venom and hate which can be fatal for the unity of India. Block the Tweet/video, report it. Don't share it.

In a situation like this a Country’s Foreign exchange reserve must be strong. We as citizens can contribute by not buying imported goods and using lesser fuel

But in times like these let's forget our political stands and stand strong like a spine with our government and the Security forces. They’ll never let us down!

I attach the report of Pakistan Senate which clearly states that


-from a common citizen to another common citizen

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