A Love That Slewed

I have known many men

Some kind to all

Some foolish like hen.

But there once was a man I’d known

He believed in virtue, a gentleman.

A fruit he got for every seed he’d sown.

The man was an ambitious fellow

His luck held well

His destiny sweet as Jell-O.

The man set out on an impossible task

To woo the best girl in his class

But he did so using lies and a mask.

The girl was smart as she escaped

The spell of lies and deception he wove

Looking through all the fancy promises he’d made.

In grief of deception, the girl was lost.

Her heart broken, love gone awry

The girl cried all day and all night she thought.

The man too was wracked with grief.

He lost the relationship he’d wanted to keep.

Once her lover, she named him deceiver, thief.

This taught the man a lesson new

He chose to be genuine

But now had friends only few.

The man is happier now, more than ever

With lesser pretences

He now lies never.

And the girl has found herself a suitor

With dashing smiles and a promising future

But she still wonders about the first man to woo her.