Media's Demonization of Men

Edited by Jai Kalra

The trend in movies and sitcoms for the past few decades has been to actively put men down. And it is not just media where men face discrimination. In real life, men are more likely to be murdered; to be involved in fatal workplace accidents; to pay alimony and to tolerate the perpetual myth that women make less money than men.

The legal system is set up entirely in favor of women. This becomes evident when one looks at the statistics- Men receive 63% longer prison sentences than women do, they lose custody in 84% divorce cases, women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted, and the list goes on. Bias in court against men is six times as large as racial bias. Lady Justice is not blind after all.

This disparity is never brought up in mainstream media or countless internet articles about single-motherhood and “male privilege”. Not only that, misandry is rampant in the entertainment industry, brainwashing easily influenced individuals that men are not only a useless group, they are bad for society.

Modern sitcoms and films puts single-mothers on a pedestal while trivializing fatherhood. Being a single mother is displayed as an achievement- something a woman ought to be proud of. Which, in fact, is terrible for holistic development of children, and thus in the long run, society in general. Countless studies validate the claim that single-parenthood is detrimental for children. This is evident from a study conducted by author, Nina Parry-Langdon for the UK Office for National Statistics.

Furthermore, characters like Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, and Phil Dunphy are portrayed as the typical father. They are spoilt “man-children” incapable of taking any responsibility and their roles as fathers is majorly played down. The characters act like goofs who do nothing but create messes for the angelic mothers to swoop in and clean up.

In movies, if men make a lot of money, they are shown to be evil. If they opt out of spending family time, they are selfish. If they don’t earn enough, they are idiots who cannot provide for their families. However, when the roles are reversed, women are praised for those exact same acts with a “you go, girl!” However, this double standard has failed to grab the attention of feminists.

Even kids are involved in this misandrous movement. In the sitcom, Modern Family, Luke Dunphy is shown to be a slow-witted boy who requires constant supervision. His sisters, on the other hand, are smarter and more capable of taking care of themselves.

Fortunately, enough smart women exist who know that this trend in media is nothing but self-indulgent toxin which must be denounced.

#Media #waragainstmen