My Favorite Men

Edited by Aruna Nidamarthy

To all the men out there, I must tell you, you are my favorite gender. I guess it’s because I have always liked things that amuse me and you all amuse me quite a bit. Even as a child, I always wondered about the issues that men face, the gender stereotypes, the fixed gender roles, the compulsion of being the breadwinner of the family. This was mainly because I thought that the entire world speaks about women anyway.

Very recently I decided to do a little research, I googled ‘cases of gang rapes by women’ and ‘cases of gang rapes by men’, surprisingly the search results for both these sentences were the same, cases of women gang raped by men.

Then I wondered. I always believed in gender equality and never in gender superiority, moreover I always thought that issues against men are given no importance, I still do. But then I realized that a lot is spoken on issues against women but nothing is usually done.

I always found myself to be an integral part of female-bashing sessions where everybody would discuss issues like misuse of the dowry act, women filing false sexual harassment cases against men and so on. All these women are fraud, and fraud needs to be treated like fraud nonetheless, but what about those sessions in which people sit and discuss on how they should pay not less than fifty percent for their son’s wedding and not make the bride’s family bear all the expenditures that come along with a typical wedding. Why aren’t there corporate meetings where people despise men who make sexual or degrading remarks on their female colleagues?

I have seen enough parent-daughter interactions where the parents tell their daughter about how to be safe, what to do and what not to do when they are out of the house unsupervised. But what about the meetings where sons are asked to sit down and they are told how to behave and how not to behave in order for girls around them to feel comfortable.

I often hear people saying that women need to be more careful than men because they are the ones who are the possible victims. Agreed. I shall keep a pepper spray in my bag because if I am out there walking alone in the streets at night and you, a man, suddenly decide to behave indecently with me, I am the one who would get uncomfortable. Hence I am the one who takes the precautions. I will do it. But when you are the one who’s victimized then do you even remotely think of it like this?

I often hear that women are terrible managers. Correction, I often hear women are terrible everything except being a housekeeper but that’s a different story altogether. Women are terrible managers indeed, I have heard they are bitchy, too emotional, unprofessional, irrational and hence unfit for the job.

You probably are right because the most rational gender on the planet is that of men who are fully capable of attacking one woman while there are twenty-five of them, groping her, molesting her, raping her and leaving her to die. These rational people also get into violent fights every now and then in public places. They are the most professional ones because the other day my friend’s boss thought it was completely within the boundaries of his profession to grab her by her butt and tell her “she’s got a real tight one”.

Not only this,but they also have impeccable emotional control. Just the other day a girl rejected a boy’s proposal and he, being the epitome of emotional balance, reacted to this by throwing a can of acid on her face, burning her body, making her afraid to look into the mirror for the rest of her life.

But you know what? Men indeed are winners when it comes to standing up for social justice, for the entire ‘Mankind’ came together to say #NotAllMen but clearly didn’t notice when their feed was quite literally filled with nearly all women saying #Metoo

I always thought that I believed in gender equality, but not anymore. If women everywhere are fighting to be equal to what we call men then I think this mission is impossible, for I don’t think any woman can stoop that down.

Nonetheless you are still my favorite gender because I believe that one day, all of you will maybe understand all of this, because you are still the ones who have the most potential and have indeed come a long way from where we all started. Hopefully one day you will dig yourselves out of the dung that patriarchy has stuck you in. Look up and try rising above it, we will lend you a hand.

Author’s Note: I am fully aware that there exists tons of other sensitive issues like rapes against men which have not been covered in the article, issues against men NEED all the attention, for a crime is a crime, but a little empathy never hurt anyone. You always had ours, we could use a little of yours.

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