Power Of Acceptance

We are the fortunate souls, fortunate to be embodied in a human body. Elaborating on Jain philosophy, a person is born as a human only after the soul has completed eighty-four lakh life cycles which means he/she could be a water droplet in one life cycle or a bird in the other. Just take a moment to think, are we using our time in hand optimally or just living life for the sake of it? Have a few challenges hindered our progress; challenges that are miniscule in the long term.

The law of acceptance is a phenomenon through which we accept the situation. For example, an elephant, since birth is tied to a log with a steel chain. For a young elephant, its strength was no match for the steel chain. The calf believed the steel chain was too strong for it. With time, the elephant grew stronger, so did the mindset. Which explains why very large elephants can be chained by weak chains. When I meet people my age or younger, they have extraordinary ideas which are pragmatic at the same time but they are made to believe they won’t be able to execute it or the idea fades into oblivion with time. Most scholars say, “The way we perceive things, is the way we accept it.”

Allow me to share my own example, I used to spend most of my time with a friend, Aman. All that came to my notice were his negative qualities and traits. I thought of him to be spoilt, extravagant and purposeless. I believed his affluent background made his main objective to be passing with a degree while exploiting the luxuries his money got him. All his good deeds went past my notice and the worst part was, I wasn’t aware this was happening.

Quoting Newton, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’’, so even my good deeds were overlooked. He believed I was someone who just thought of himself. Out of the blue, we happened to speak to each other, it was a conversation deeper than usual. And we realised everything we thought about each other was a complete hoax. We started afresh and all his positives slowly and steadily overshadowed his negatives. The Principle of Filtration is another important principle which has held me in good stead. I just noticed and stored details about things and people that mattered. Nothing more, nothing less. His determination surpassed mine. For a project due, he would complete it on time, instead of running pillar to post, hours before the deadline. The Principle of Filtration is helping me spearhead the marathon of life. The abundance of opportunities makes focus difficult, while the environmental pressures make it a difficult race. The advice that I would give to anyone seeking efficient decision making is that, don’t make any judgement or a decision by just looking, hearing or seeing one side of the story. Listen, look and scrutinise everything from the other side. Think from that person’s opinion as well before accepting or rejecting anything.

The Art of Visualization shall help you accept the things the way they should be delivered to you by the universe. As mentioned earlier are we making the optimum utilisation of our time? Every day when we wake up just take a minute and close your eyes and visualize what is the thing which you really want or your life objective then think how are you going to achieve it or methods through which it can be done and then imagine how you plan to spend your day in hand and the task that you need to complete.

By doing this process you shall know your inner self much better and get the motivation which is required and then accept things rather than contemplating about it. Management itself means using your resources optimally and in life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive and for which we are willing to sacrifice.

Edited By Diya Mathew.