Prisoner's Plight

Break the bars, Scale the walls;

He deserved to get back to hearth and halls.

The prisoner planned his escape anew

Daily eliminating barriers, now only a few.

He’d believed in the system for far too long

But now the system had proved his faith wrong.

Wrongfully convicted and prisoned,

With desperation and scorn his heart brimmed.

He had done what was asked of him and more.

He got a job, paid his taxes, even got a good score.

Why then did the world turn on him?

He was accused and punished on the jury’s whim.

The prisoner was desperate to prove his innocence,

But oddly enough had no mind to go back; Hence,

He came to the conclusion he was freer behind the bars

He was better answering to himself than a farce.

The prison was out there, the inmates unaware

While the supposed prisoner could do as he’d dare.

The world was a funny place, he thought.

The people judged and fought.

While the prison though disorderly, had a mysterious calming air.

All the inmates were at peace, with no judge or jury, they did what was fair.

The prisoner decided against escaping the high prison walls,

Finally, he realised, he was free for once and for all.

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