Rajneeti: Learnings for a Management Student

Recently, India witnessed Elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Telangana and each of these elections has significant learning from it. Popularly stated as ‘Mandate 2019’, by some news channels as these elections will definitely affect the voter sentiment of the general elections 2019. This article will throw light on some key take away’s for a management student.

1. Be Good HR Managers: One needs to understand the pillars of the organization and if one ignores it, the structure is definitely going to fall. In 2013, the Congress had won 21 seats and facing such a miserable defeat, Shri. Rahul Gandhi appointed Sachin Pilot as the state’s party chief. He did a commendable job by reaching out to each grassroots worker and strengthen the ties within the party and he was fortunate to have an extremely experienced person like Shri. Ashok Gehlot to guide him. On the other hand, Ex-Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje, did not have cordial relations with the RSS, which could have helped her change the sentiment of the voters and her MLA’s were disconnected with the people. Thus, whenever you appoint someone for a job, check the level of desire of the person on how badly he/she wants to do it because if someone lacks the motivation it’s difficult to get the job done.

2. The Concept of Freebies & Discount: There is huge distress among farmers in the nation. In MP and Rajasthan, the Congress used the trump card of loan waiver to gain votes and it somewhere worked out for the Congress. Thus, to win the loyalty of customer freebies and discount will work if given at the correct time when the customer wants it.

3. Regional Brands can perform better than national brands: The regional or geographical factor always has an advantage because as the company is from that particular zone people have a soft corner for it and the company exactly knows the gaps it needs to fill. In Telangana & Mizoram, we can see this factor working. KCR charisma and no strong opposition leader gave him a clear edge and the schemes promised by him in his first term were partly implemented and hence the voters thought of giving him a second chance.

4. You create the marketing wave, you want: This is a psychologically proven fact that what one keeps on hearing continuously one believes in it and this is a function of advertising in marketing where having integrated marketing campaigns helps to develop a brand recall. There were constant debates on news challenges going on where people labelled the BJP not performing to the expected level and wanted a change. We as humans will find it difficult to list 10 good things about a person but would immediately list 10 bad things, similarly as people are yet not happy with the demonetization which is stuck in her heads, they found the elections a medium to vent it out.

5. Accept Mistakes and Move On & Decision Making Process: The BJP accepted its defeat in a gracious manner, although Ex- CM Shri. Shivraj Singh Chauhan gave a tough fight and worked on the feedback received from RSS and from the grassroots level. He visited every constituency twice. Thus, when one receives feedback from someone, one should analyze it and come up with a corrective plan so that the result can be in one’s favour. It took time to come up with a CM candidate’s name for each of the state as it was crucial keeping in mind the 2019 elections. Rahul Gandhi had a series of meetings and discussions with senior Congress leaders, contenders and understood the sentiments of the Congress workers through their app. Thus, when key decisions are to be taken we should involve all stakeholders and look at a situation from a 360-degree angle.

Author - Jigar N Chhadwa - BBA Marketing & Finance, SCMS, Pune

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