Edited by Kiara Lakdawala

Hey Mom, remember the day, I stole a note of Rs. 500 from your purse and you came and asked me if I took it, I denied, and despite of the fact that you knew that it was me, you let it go? Yeah, thank you for teaching me that day, that guilt hurts worse than sprained ankles.

Dadiiii, listen, remember? Last summer, I had a fight with Dad and I got super angry at him and then you, in your sarcastic tone, told me about how he fakes it and keeps lying to you over the phone about how he’s worried about me and wants to see me happy above everything. Yup, I saw what you did there. ‘Care’ isn’t just another sentiment to me anymore. Thank you for broadening the sentiment for me.

Respected sir, remember 2015’s Math Olympiad? I do. Of all the students you chose me for representing our school, even though the others had scored better than I did. I learnt that marks actually don’t matter, that day. Thanks for teaching that marks don't define who are.

You, an acquaintance with similar perception of things, remember how close we got on the school trip? But then, you started canning all the plans after we came back from the trip and eventually we ended up in a formal exchange of expressions. Yeah, I thought about it, and thanks for teaching me that, friendships can’t be forced. It helps a lot, where I am right now.

Oye best friend, remember last Christmas, I ditched you for this new group of friends that I had met only recently and we went out and I got drunk AF? I got to know that they went and told you that I back-bitched about you at the party after getting drunk. You still haven’t brought up the topic with me. Thanks for teaching me what trust truly is.

Dear ex, I still have a thing for adrenaline rushes. Though, the other night, we sneaked out at 02:00 and I wanted to go for a walk in the woods behind the airport road, but your weak-ass wouldn’t agree, and then there came the news of the series of murders happening in those woods next week. Yeah, so thanks for teaching me that sometimes being afraid of some things is necessary, it keeps us alive.

Dad? Dad. Do you remember the day, I got into Symbiosis and we confirmed my admission? At night, you got off the phone with Didi and looked at me and said, “Ab tumse bhi aise hi phone pe baat hogi!”, and then you smiled to hide the tears, as usual. Yeah, the smile couldn’t hide them. I felt love crawl somewhere under my comprehension that day. Thanks for pushing it in.

Sleepo, my first pet, where are you da? Even though we were together only for a week and then I had to give you away because dad wouldn’t allow a pet, I still remember your eyes, your smell, your everything. Remember, how you used to come running to my feet when I came back from school, with all the happiness drooling off of you. Thanks for teaching me the importance of joy in our lives.

And the list of contributions just goes on. Thank you all for making me who I am today.