Slaves To The Rhythm

Hertz. Beats. Seconds. Symphony. Music is something that at first glance seems very simple, but when it comes to producing it, things seem to get trickier. People like Beethoven, Mozart, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Prince, 2 Pac, Major Lazer- these names have found success through music and achieved legendary status. Though it is an art, it’s more technical than any of its contemporaries. There have been multiple instances where music has been associated with several experiments and projects. But the one thing that hasn’t been understood is how a few chords turned into a billion-dollar industry and one of everyday life’s necessities.

Look at the music industry, and chances are you’ll find more than artists who fit the category. Music producers, artist managers, music studios, distributors, radio stations, promoters etc. Basically, any person having some or the other affiliation with music. When you take a glance at the music industry, you’d be able to see that there is a trio of companies who own most of its market share around the globe. Through their various acquisitions and mergers, they’ve been able to get a foothold over the industry. Your inner sensible side might start to think that if they have major control over the industry, they decide what we listen to as well. That could be true with regards to certain music genres and artists. But music, as aforementioned, is an art- and art sells. Art has been one of the few cornerstones of human history which has helped mould and define us. Whatever form it may be, art has helped us differentiate between each other. So with music. The tabla from India sounds much different as compared to a contemporary drum set from the West. A didgeridoo is a far cry from a flute. A sitar quite elegant opposed to the all-round capability of a guitar. Music helps transcend boundaries.

Anywhere you go, music will be with you and you’d be able to understand it. After all, it’s only a few random bits of sound stitched together to create a simple symphony.

But it just doesn’t stop there. Music has been said to be key to human health and fitness. Studies have shown that music helps people to recover quickly from injuries as dopamine is released, which helps the person psychologically heal, which in turn helps in the healing process of the injury. It has also been seen that music helps a person work out, with observations having seen co-ordination between muscle movement and beats of the music being played. The health benefits of music are associated mentally as well. It’s been proven that music helps to de-stress people who are diagnosed with depression and any other such impairments or disabilities. Out of body experiences are rarely brought up, but for such experiences, music is widely used with the help of binaural beats. It has also been shown that a certain portion of the population works better with music being played in the background. As I’m writing this article, I’ve listened to several tracks. (Try listening to Obvs by Jamie xx. Works wonders.)

So, the big question. What’s the hype for? The few mixed matchings of beats. A few bucks for a few bytes. A voice for a million. Music has been able to be so much more than most think. As many people say, music is something which has a deep-rooted connection with our heritage and existence as human beings through the ages. It’s something that we can’t live without. It’s everywhere without ever being seen. It’s crazy, it’s smooth, it’s heart-breaking, it’s breathtaking. There’s no possible chance you can escape the cesspool i.e. the music industry even though you love music. But every good thing has a price. It’s as they say. Without music, we’re nothing. For now, we can only be Slave To The Rhythm.

- Arcangelo Anthony

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