Am I

Am I an empty vessel, To be filled by whatever I face, in this society; Or, Am I another independent element, Out to carve a path of my own propriety.

These questions are too profound, And their answers, even more so. I know though that I am a man, And that life delights me, Just so.

I own no baggage, I have no aims, I shirk off expectations and Responsibilities all the same. I don’t look back, though I do not wait for tomorrow.

I don’t seek austerity, But neither do I desire prosperity Society calls life a sandbox, But they fail to see the beach I stand on.

I look around and I wonder, What does the World want of me? What do they think of me? What do they expect from me?

Am I a tangle of electromagnetic currents, Carried around in a suit of bone and sinew; Or, Am I what my parents made me, Filled with their hopes and dreaming their dreams.