The Economics of Love

Here is the abbrent work of a self proclaimed single af. economist, who tried to define relationships.


This is not for all the couples who do the ‘’we” talking or have matching lock screens.This for those who think that their ‘forever’ is a ‘happily ever after’. And this is definitely not for those couple who act like they are ‘already married’ or ‘can't do with or without’ each other

The Hypothesis: This is the creative ideology of an economics freak who tried to apply ‘The Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility’ to relationships.A law that justifies all the crap. A law that explains the whole uncanny concept of love. So here is something put together by the weirdly productive brain.

The Law:

Other things remaining constant (Basically your exes). Satisfaction ( The feeling of being loved or loving someone) decreases with the increase in consumption(She gets reaaallllly boring)

The Relatable Relation:

The increase in the time spent with one person (say your partner) your satisfaction initially increases. Once it reaches the tops it is ought to fall down and later turns negative. (Okay that was way too technical)


  1. Humans are assumed to be “rational” beings. (eye rolls) This is the mammoth task of actually making use of the brains we as humans are blessed with.

  2. There is no time gap and consumption is continuousThis is the difficulty we face when we have to be loyal and pretend that you love spending every waking moment together.

  3. The quantity of consumption remains the same (variety is certainly not the spice of life now)

  4. The league of a person remains the same. This is because some people are just way out of your leagueAll this just means that every factor that has the potential of changing the standard of a relationship is held constant, obviously from both the ends.

  5. Potential helpers to this law are

a)The Overwhelmingly accepted Hookup Culture


c)Alcohol (ofcourse)

Objectionable Observations:

Okay, so the law of diminishing marginal utility for love aka. ‘A Dummies Guide to Understanding Failed Relationships and Faded Love.’ That is if the word, ‘LOVE’ exists.

Dreaming about “The Forever” or ‘‘The One’’? What if I say that forever doesn’t exist and “The One” is far from perfect? Honestly love is an illusion; it is writers like John Green that have raised our standards of love. Also not to mention the stereotypical reincarnation bollywood love stories.Love in the 21st Century is going through existential crisis. And poor guy, I pity him. It was inevitable, keeping in mind the fact that we have been taking love for granted. Therefore ‘The Law of Diminishing Love’ or should we call it ‘ The Devaluation of Love’

Now for a minute let’s think of love practically.

Let’s say you like someone, you crave for moments with her. You start talking, getting to know her, smiling across rooms.Let’s say this goes on for a week. Now that smile will not give you the same butterflies, you would naturally want more , you would want a conversation, then you would want to go out on coffee and so on.But what happens when this ‘so on’ is exhausted?

The thrills, excitement and the butterflies you get, decreases with the increase in time spent.

Nobody would disagree when I say that the first week of your relationship was a thousand times more exciting than the next few months, and coming year was nothing compared to it.Things like getting to know each other, being around them etc you would say can go on. But there comes a point when you know each other so well that there is no excitement left. There is nothing left.

What happens when you have had everything?

What happens when there is no excitement left? what happens when it all becomes random and doesn't give you the same giddy vibe?

So does the law of diminishing marginal utility actually holds true in case love?

But then when will we learn to embrace the randomness don't we?

What about the sense of belongingness and the feeling of growing old together?

The Conclusion:

‘Cannot get enough of’ and “Have had enough of” are two extremes of dealing with the same person. And one is likely to move to the latter stage with time.

Also “the non-existent forever” is a ‘hard to accept bitter truth’.

Knowing the fact that the whole ‘DDLJ Moment’ or the concept of being the love of someone's life is a hoax, we still never give up on it do we? That is what love is. Even after knowing that you might just end up being a lot more damaged than you were before, you are willing to the chances. No matter the odds.