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Let me be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m sitting here, hoping to write about a relatively light and relatable topic. But I just can’t seem to do it. I’ve had a rough couple of days and the fact that I thought about writing a positive piece just seems hilarious to me now.

I know what you’re thinking. What a great introduction! Well, all I can say is welcome. Welcome to my mind. Go ahead, take a look at my thoughts. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like what you see but I hope you are able to find something worth thinking about. I hope you are able to find something worth responding to. I hope you have a good talk with my thoughts.

Do you have those moments in a day when you feel just fine? Like the world is okay. You know about the imperfections that exist but it’s alright. For now, everything is good.

I get this feeling when I travel. Another reason I love traveling is that it gives me a sense of direction. For the amount of time I’m in that car, my life is sorted and set. For the amount of time I’m in that car, I feel relieved. Relieved by a false sense of clarity.

This is probably why when I look outside the window, everything seems beautiful. When you’re at peace with your surroundings, you begin to appreciate it. I look at the littlest of things which I took for granted before and begin to truly see it for what it’s worth.

On one of my rides, I happened to see an old couple walking along the side of the road. They were walking side by side, hand in hand. It was such a beautiful sight to see. Among all the disturbances and sources of grief which can be easily spotted outside my window, my eyes were drawn to them. They stood out in the imperfect world. It was almost like they didn’t belong. But their so-called random placement made the picture even more perfect. Amidst everything that was going on around them, they walked. Slowly, and together.

I’ve tried to incorporate this amazing skill of finding beauty in everyday things into my actual life, my life after the car ride. It was hard at first but it’s getting easier. I knew it was working while I was eating lunch one day. My companion for that meal was telling me quite spiritedly about her interactions with another one of our friends when something beautiful caught my eye. A complete stranger on the other side of the table was eating carrots out of a lunch box. These were carrots that were cut for him. Someone had put in the time, effort and thought into cutting carrots, for him. An act so simple, but speaks volumes about how much he is loved. It was a nice thought to have, in the middle of my college canteen. A break from the noise of the crowd. Surface level people having surface level conversations.

Many people don’t understand the power of a good conversation. Meaningful conversations are undervalued in today’s time. The act of conversing is a lost art. People today have conversations for the sake of having a conversation. This frustrates me. So much lost potential.

The power that a simple dialogue can have continues to amaze me. You went in, not knowing that you are going to come out so much wiser. Not knowing that you are going to share ideas and thoughts. Not knowing that your conversation was going to diverge your linear progression of thought. Possibly life changing.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve lost my ability to have small talk. Actually, to be quite honest, I never really had that skill in me. I hate it. It’s just foreplay for the good content that will hopefully happen, later in the evening. With me, it’s the extremes. I’m either not talking to you, or we’re fully immersed in an intense and intimate discussion.

Good conversations can surprise you. They can come from the most unsuspecting places. The key is to be brave. You need to have the ability to talk about things you want to talk about, not the things you think your companion wants to talk about. Give this a try sometime. It’ll be a refreshing talk to have amidst the monotonous workings of daily life.

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