The Free Bird

Edited by- Kiara Lakdawala

“When will the bird come home”, Rahman suggested as the inspiration for the final concert song.

“Nice”, I said.

“Rumi?” He smiled.

“Me”, he said.

We laughed. I had been thinking of this tired, ferocious bird, flapping its wings furiously over the massive waves at night, with nowhere to go. “…The hunting falcon hears the sound of the drums - come home, come home,” Rumi had said. This is where Jordan is at the time of the story. I was driving, Rahman Sir was sitting next to me. We were on the highway in Kashmir, driving outside Pahalgam at the time, it was dark. When will the bird come home? --Imtiaz Ali

“Which is your favourite song from Rockstar?”

“Nadaan Parindey”

This is the standard answer I get from every other person. I could not resist the call of the song, and here we are.

Jordan enters the stage in Verona, bruised and scratched, living up to his image of an angsty Rockstar. A few drum beats and revs of the guitar later, he is singing ‘Nadaan Parindey, ghar aaja....’. It was more of a plea to himself than to the audience.

When he had started his career as a singer, his songs were lighter with the breeziness of the acoustic guitar. ‘Phir se Ud Chala’ was the start of his journey, a song indicating that the bird had taken flight. The bird was telling us about the journey it was seeing, all landscapes were the same from above and there was no difference between illusion and reality.

Kaate chahe kitna paro se hawaon ko Khud se naa bach paayega tu Todh aasmano ko Phoonk de jahaano ko Khud ko chhupa naa payega tu Koi bhi le rasta tu hai tu le hasta Apne hi ghar aayega tu

But Nadaan Parindey is the song of a tired bird, a bird who despite of soaring higher and higher is not satisfied. The bird who wishes to go back to its home, to its roots. It needs shelter. A person may have seen the world and the wonders of the universe, but one day he has to return home.

Kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tose Chun chun khaaiyon maans

Re jiya re khaaiyon na tu naina mor Khaaiyon na tu naina mor Hai piya ke milan ki aas

The bird is pleading the crow to eat away his flesh, to cause him physical pain and compensate for the heartache he can bear no longer. He offers every inch of his flesh, but pleads to spare his eyes, so that he could see his beloved, one last time.

“Pata hain, yahan se bohot dhoor, galat aur sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai. Main wahan miloonga tujhe.”

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.”

(Meeting Place, opening audio of the film)

Jordan’s mistake and recklessness had been one of the reasons for Heer’s death. Everyone thought he was like a magic elixir for her but he turned out to be more like poison which numbed her before killing her. What are two lovers if they are fatal to each other? Only the souls of these two lovers can unite, because it seems as if their physical union is something, that is not possible.

Jordan’s family had thrown him out; his friends were his friends only for his fame. Jordan was all alone in the dark world. When a tree grows, it can only touch the sky when its roots are strong and stay deeply embedded into the earth. Jordan had shattered the glass ceiling but somehow his roots had disappeared. After what all he had been through, he wanted to be Janardan again.

O Naadaan parindey ghar aaja.

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