The Problems of a Simpleton

Edited by- Kiara Lakdawala

The mind is usually fascinated by what renders it perplexed. It admires the beauty of every complexity that is sent its way. It wants to avoid anything that is very simple. Finding it easier to conquer a problem and it finds it painful to go the easy way. While deciphering a complex code or idea can be a back-breaking task, yet our minds find peace in doing an onerous job. The reason for this is that working on an easy piece of work- is an elementary function to the mind. Thus, on doing so, the mind remains in a stagnant state.

It is strange, isn’t it? How the mind runs from the rudimentary concepts, always on the lookout for what is more complicated? So after why? Because a problem provides us with a distraction. A problem gives us the excuse of a reasonable occupation. Propelling us into the state of busyness while we sit without any business at hand. A problem can be quite engaging. If there is no “problem”, we would not hold on so tight to the periphery of our being- our egos. Thus, we thrust ourselves to go on a circular path around the center in perpetuity. Revolving around the innermost core, while never getting any closer.

This is because, the center of our being- to us is the mass of energy (otherwise called the soul) that holds us together. As appealing as all this may sound to us, we have deemed the soul to be a complex concept. One that only the best of us may be able to wrap their head around. How can we be one with our innermost energies, if we don’t even understand it? Our soul is just a fancy idea of what may be. The energy on which our body and mind runs hold little significance to us.

It is just like the hub of a wheel. The whole wheel moves around the axis of the empty hub. Our egos, which we now identify ourselves by- run along the wheel, while our “empty” innermost core is looked at as an alien entity that resides inside our very being. To us the soul is a void, abyss-like depth that thrills, excites and scares us equally. We are afraid of the emptiness, but want to connect with our driving force. So, we go on clinging to the rim of the wheel. Until, we start feeling dizzy with the speed.

If we say we want to go within, the first step is to stop thinking of the journey as one that is lined with hurdles to be crossed or filled with problems to be solved. If we think, because of the problems we are not going within. The real case is just the opposite: because we are afraid to go within, we create problems.

We run behind so many materialistic things: money, cars, gold and diamonds. To get a hold of these, we have to face so many problems. Why? Because the meaning of a material thing means so much to us that without it, we cannot dream another day. Our egos, demand from us the attainment of more to make us feel better. After which we start running, behind a job that neither means enough nor makes enough, relationships that drain us and other obligations we tie ourselves to. All of this to attain what we are told, we have to have. Having more, is not the problem here but the insatiable need for more is. A need we have created ourselves- a problem we have created ourselves.

What if, today I were to tell you that diamonds weren’t as expensive as they were said to be. What if, these diamonds were just glistening shards of glass. This exquisite piece of gem which you hold, so close and so possessively, will fall off your hands as quickly as you had grasped it. It no longer satiates your ego, it is no longer “needed.”

Everything is just a soap bubble, reflecting off itself a beautiful aura of light. But a soap bubble is a soap bubble! It’s going to burst. Even after being deceived again and yet again we don’t become aware. There comes a bubble floating towards us and here we go, chasing behind. How many times do our dreams have to collide and shatter into a million pieces? How many times has life to prove that clinging is nonsense?

And again our egos are devious things, they play us and get us to do whatever is the worst for us. On doing so, we create a problem for ourselves, and then crib about the problem. This problem puts our mind on a loop of going over a difficult situation and coming up with a “solution.” If we create a problem, our very creation of the problem- closes our eyes. Our minds remain perplexed, and sooner than later problems thrill us. Today, let this understanding become as deep in you as possible: your problems are only as big and real as you make them to be.

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