The Psychopath and The Apprentice


must kill her. I must do it. I have no other option, thought Richard. Gaby was his sister-in-

law. Widow of his brother after he had died in a car accident leaving Ajay without a home or

any income. Gaby expected him to work and earn his own living as she was already

struggling financially for herself and her son. He felt he had right over all of his brother’s

insurance. He also felt he had more right over the house where he didn’t feel welcome any

longer. Gaby had come into his brother’s life just three years ago. Her harsh and unkind

words while asking him to get job made it clear, he won’t have a welcome home to live in

much longer. These were the excuses he gave to his conscience.

He had already pushed her down the stairs. She was supposed to be dead by now according to

the plan. But she wasn’t.

Ajay was only eighteen and desperate. He was helpless. He was a victim of a vicious thing

called life. He shouldn’t have to deal with all this. He was supposed to be having fun like his

peers. This act of his was not immoral. Just desperation. Although unusual but not immoral or

criminal. Of course everybody could not understand this. That’s why it was unusual. But not

a cold-blooded crime. Only a person in his situation could understand him. And that person

would not call it a crime. That was the reassurance he gave himself.

The psychopath didn’t care. He saw Gaby at the bottom of the stairs, writhling in pain. He

quickly calculated the damage. The bottom-most rib had cracked, he knew it because her

chest had hit the edge of a stair. If this was correct, it must have stabbed her stomach leading

to internal bleeding. Gaby coughed and spat out blood all across room. He was right. He

smiled. Her head had hit the railing. She was having a concussion. He could tell from her

dizzy eyes and nauseous expression. “Good.” He thought. She was having a hard time

breathing and was trembling. He could tell she was in pain. He was thoroughly enjoying it

too. It was exactly like he had imagined it.

One week ago, he had decided to kill Gaby. But he wanted to make it least painful and as

quick as possible. The stairs seemed the easiest way to make it look like an accident too. So,

he began his research. One after another he googled all his questions to make a fool-proof


“deaths from falling from stairs” “injuries from falling down the stairs” “concussion from

falling off stair” “bleeding from falling off stairs “ “concussions” “rib injuries from falls”

“blood from rib injuries” “pain from rib injuries” “pain” “death”

The more he read, the more fascinating it became. He could hurt Gaby just like she had hurt

him and humiliated him. He could give her pain. He could make her feel helpless. And

desperate. Just like he had felt. Under his control. Under his power. Completely dominated

and broken. Then why shouldn’t he? Why should he give her a quick and painless death?

Why shouldn’t he abuse her like she deserved.

He could see her face in the moonlight. Red. Flushed. Scared. He began walking down the

stairs. He could feel her desperation. She could not see his face as the moon shone in from the

window behind him. She could only make out that it was a large grown man. She thought it

could be Ajay but it was not his body language. The psychopath was also about six feet tall.

Walking down the stairs. Slowly. She was afraid. She tried to run but could not get up as she

had twisted her ankle. She fell down into a clump, weak but it was too late. The psychopath

had come. He sat down on the last stair, watching her struggle. Once, twice, thrice. He got

bored and walked around her and stood right behind her. He took out a knife and kneeled. He

slowly began slitting her throat. One centimetre at a time. Blood spurt out and so did a

scream He covered her mouth with one hand and continued with another. The sounds she

made were incomprehensible. Pain. Anguish. Agony. Each muffled scream giving him a high

until the serene silence of death at the end. This gave him satisfaction like no other. Death

was so serene and peaceful. Murder was so serene and peaceful. Tranquility objectified and


It was the first time he had felt such a sensation, such a rush, such an adrenaline high. It was

new, euphoric. Though with a tinge of sadness because he knew he would never feel it for the

first time again. Again? Again. Then and there he knew he would do it again. For the rush,

the high and finally the tranquility that he got from killing. Controlling life and death. He had

felt power, real power. He had felt godliness. Something no one could ever take away from

him, no matter how tough, malicious or confusing his life ever became again.

Ajay locked the house and walked back to his mother’s house where he was sleeping for the

night with Gaby’s son Porter. The best was yet to come. The first thing porter would see

tomorrow would his mother’s dead body. Throat slit. Lying in the biggest pool of blood he

would ever see and always remember. Tomorrow he would rob porter of his childhood, his

happiness and all of his remaining hope. Tomorrow his revenge would be complete. After he

had wronged everyone who had ever wronged him.