The Street

Edited by- Jai Kalra

I feel like I've lost myself.

She was holding onto the edge of my shirt with her little fists as I led her through a restless crowd on a dingy street. Then she lost her grip and I left her behind. I didn't even hear her cry my name as the crowd closed in on her.

I know she's still there, on that street. Too long it took for me to turn around and realise she wasn't there. Too long she's waited with dried tears still on her face, scanning every person who passes by, hoping I've come back for her. I'm making my way back now, pushing through the crowd. I'm not there yet for it is harder to swim against the current than to flow with it. The streets blur together in my mind and I don't remember where exactly I lost her but I know I'm close; I can feel it.

I feel our presences drawing towards each other. One day, I'll make the right turn. The crowd will part and I’ll see her sitting under an awning, looking just like the little girl whose picture hangs in the hallway of our home. She'll slowly stand up as she’ll spot me. I'll wipe the salty remnants off her cheek and we'll make our way home.

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