The Chamber

Chambers, by ZoranC

Neuralog 01, 13:43

Captain's room

This is Val Wolfhard. The Captain has asked me to record our movements as a, uh, a Neural log, as she calls it, so we can save our heroism for posterity, I guess. I don't understand why we can't just use a camera, but she says a Neuralink is tougher to hack into. So I guess that's why I'm here. So, uh, we just had our final meeting today. It's the big day. Everyone is prepped and ready to go. Almost everything is going according to schedule, only Skai's left to arrive with the "fireworks", as he calls them. I'm in charge of the final configurations - oh and this mental video thingy - of course. Let's hope everything goes according to plan. **** Neuralog 02, 17:50 The Catacombs We're here. Everyone's ready. Banner and his team have already blown up the power grid. That should keep the city garrison distracted for long enough. Skai says he has set everything up. Those fuckers won't know what hit them. Cue fireworks in 3...2...1 **** Neuralog 03, 18:15 Main Hallway, Central Power Command We're in the heart of the building now. Fucking Slaids everywhere. Skai's toys worked well; all we saw were bodies. Dead ones. There was some fighting, but Arin and Wescoff took care of that quickly. We haven't lost anyone yet. All that's left to do now is to blow up the Central System. Wipe every ounce of data they have so they can never get back up again. Liberation is ours. Soon. Very soon. It's my time to shine. **** Neuralog 04, 18:29 Underground Level 1 We're under the building now. There were some guards at the stairwell, not even armed with guns. These Slaids are so arrogant in their belief that no one would dare to touch them that they don't even arm their guards. Pathetic. Anyway, this floor is just outdated machinery and broken terminals. Skai is getting them ready for a nice warm burning as I speak. The mainframes are a floor down. That's where the brain of this abomination is. Let's get this over with. **** Neuralog 05, 18:35 Underground level 2 There is something wrong. I don't understand. The mainframe is there, in the center, just as we expected. But - but there's something more. I do not understand. This level - it is large. A cavern, almost. And all along its walls, from the polished floor to the ceiling hidden in shadows, are compartments. Their outlines glow with a ghastly blue light, and each one of them is numbered. Skai has pulled one compartment open. It is a body. I do not understand. **** Neuralog 06, 18:42

The Chamber We are lost in hell. After Skai's discovery, all of us began to open compartments at random. All of them had bodies. All of them. But they weren't corpses. They were alive. Warm skin, steady heartbeat. Whoever these people were, they were alive, but they showed no signs of life. It was almost as if they were asleep. They had wires going from the body to a chip on their head. My guess is that all of them are connected to the central computer. We kept opening compartments at random, not understanding what was going on. Until we found the body of the Captain herself. In a compartment named C-2309. **** Neuralog 07, 18:50

The Chamber I don't have long. They are coming. I have to make sure I finish before they find me. I think it began to fall into place when we discovered the Captain's body. She went mad, rushing towards it. Pulling out wires from her own cold doppelganger. That was when she started to... flicker. As if someone was pulling her out of here. As if she wasn't real. Some of the others snapped out of their horrified stupefaction seeing that. They began rushing about, trying to find their own bodies in there. That was why we didn't see the guards coming down. They were a lot more than us. And they were armed. I ran. I am hiding behind the central computer right now. I do not know if anyone else has survived. There are gunshots somewhere behind me. I can hear them. They are coming closer. I do not understand anything. What do the bodies mean? Who put them there? The Slaids? And is there a body somewhere in these horrifying walls that is mine? I do not understand. I wish I had more time, but I don't. There is a compartment near me. If I stretch, I can manage to reach the chip on the slumbering head. I do not know whose it is. Whoever you are, you will have to do. These neural recordings are all that will remain of the truth we have uncovered today. I place my index finger on the chip. I pray that this transfers to your mind in time. I hear footsteps. As loud as my heart hammering in my hollow chest. They are coming. I do not know what is real and what is not anymore. All I can hope is that you, after listening to my words, will question the nature of your reality. This is Val Wolfhard, signing off. Know that the words going through your mind right now are the last I will ever speak. You. Yes, you. I beg you. Wake up.