This is Bharat

I come from where Ambani got rich as fuck,

Sikka was fired for being practical,

Changing the world while still hand to mouth,

Our Hand me downs now in uptown getting sold to classy clowns,

Caste is crowned king of the masses like a compass,

Saffron and green mix with red as the outcome,

Cutting chai at every corner holding linguistic borders,

We are our own kings but we still take orders, from abroad yes,

Calling off procession to make way for the red light,

Not waiting on ceremony to see things in a new light,

We took destiny at the stroke of midnight but had little luck with that mistress,

The bird of gold limps slowly cause all its feathers are misspent

Back when the Gandhis were just Gandhi ji,

Now the 1.7% taxed slave away on their MP3s,

We were making wars just to earn our peace,

Now we fronting a new revolution cutting deals

This is Bharat, this is Bharat,

Chandrayaan running with bullock carts, yes,

Build an appetite or be washed away by the tide hitting the coast,

That's the peddlers' guide to the bazaar, mere dost

Riots with rave clubs,

She only diets on the tough stuff,

Hour glass figure withers as glass cracks with stone pelting,

Buffering the tension behind red tape lingerie,

Wrapped in sheets of cotton,

Bought among hundreds of deeply discounted options,

One nation glued by WhatsApp forwards,

Btech dreams bitter by unemployment problems

A made man's a man who keeps his family close,

Trading tools of the trade for the dreams he crumpled in little chits untold,

Writes him a narrative, he references a parrot list,

Adding adages to anchor his life like the rest of the JEE parish

Change will come for the masses,

But tides sweeps the old order to give us the same set of new masters,

Cricket captains blowing up with Twitter caption,

Streets blowing up cause content needs censoring and capping,

Smearing glass powder on colourful kites,

Streets littered with chaos because of unresolved fights,

A crisis of leadership leading to a crisis of leaders,

Got a tricolour anthem to stand together as dreamers

Back when we did alright with DD on TV,

Now we a billion strong bullion guzzling artsy thieves,

Golden birds not discussing the bees,

Moving to the 21st century without bikinis

This is Bharat, this is Bharat,

Where you can be a villain or a martyr,

Burnt widows to fuel trips to mars and back again,

That's the peddlers' guide to the bazaar, my friend

Iron rods and steel pipes,

Young love lost by the NH10 dim lights,

Streets are simmering while our naked feet are blistering,

Missing mum though I have two Jio sims on my mobile, while listening

to music streams, Getting cellular and letting go of the postal,

Quiet tax returns but my biometrics is out in the open,

Big city with small people and lot of drama,

Small cities with big dreams and a good sense of karma,

They change the rules but the ruler by which we measure,

And treasure our rulers are not getting better anytime,

A rainbow of ethnicities with the same android dreams of electric fairness cream,

Glistening faces for a city that never sleeps

We used to add salt to wounds,

Now we just add banned notes to the gloom,

New news brewing tensions, grabbing attention,

Tweet mentions get traction while tractors are not getting any mention,

No bones to hold the heart of this nation,

We make do with our wits and make shift for every situation

Got a crore gods so we got room to pray,

But we got a billion people that there is no room to play

Back when we were playing to be free,

Now we just gamble dangerously for keeps,

We speak to the world in Java speak,

The lotus floating proud but the tiger slumbers deep

This is Bharat, this is Bharat,

Self made millionaires haggling at fish markets,

Build an appetite or be washed away by the tide hitting the coast,

That's the peddlers' guide to the bazaar, mere dost