Thrills of Life

Edited by Kiara Lakdawala

Thrills-adrenaline rushing, head pounding thrills are those I steer clear off. Not because I’m scared, of course not. Meh. You ask why then? Oh, I’m just not crazy! Plummeting head first into the dam for the buzz of just a few chemicals in my head is insanity. I’d rather just add some greens and sugar in the cup of tea and drink it up for a high. So, when my friend asked me if I’d like to go for a small trek in the forests, obviously I said no. And the next day, with my bags packed, I was dragged - legs first - to my grave in the jungles.

After an hour of slow walking, fast walking, steep climbing and weed pulling rock climbing, we were almost at the top. Needless to say, they were far ahead, and I was utterly lost. The rest of the story is down below and very thrilling- if you may.

A shiver ran down my spine as I looked down into the gorge. With steep rocky walls caving above me and a two hundred meter fall downwards. It was already night time. The silver of moonlight and my blinking torch seemed to do but little justice. I hadn't any choice but to risk a narrow jump and slip into the strip of land ahead. With a jolt, I bravely steadied my shaking feet and plunged into the dense darkness, my hands and legs flailing insanely, trying to grip anything I could feel.

A thud echoed as I jarred onto the craggy mountainous floor. The thunderstorm smashed loudly like it was answering back to the sound of my fall. To this, I let out a loud roar-helpless and desperate, a maddening outburst as loud as it was. It boomed louder and louder, amplified by the dome-shaped walls above. The boisterous thunder, stormed back louder, more violent. Its pitch was deafening. I stood still, my eyes half open and my face in an absurd cry of joy of being alive and, the storm comforting me with its blatant reply.

I then looked around and sighed. The place was not placed. A stingy smell like that of rotten eggs and a pungent stench of dampness. I let out a smirk at how my friend had played with my fate today. I rose up to my feet with a handful of dry mud and angrily threw it out into the air. The wind was beating it away through the gaps between my fingers. The wind was rough and unnaturally wild, and in such weather I knew, I would be very easy prey for a pack of wolves.

Anything, more than two feet away, seemed to be engulfed by absolute invisibility. It was hard to know what was ahead; you wouldn't know if it's a ditch or a steep fall. Reluctantly, I trashed the idea of inspecting where my friends were headed and sat back on the solid ground. In three-seconds I had crawled into my backpack with my shapely eyes shut.

When I heard my friends roaring out my name, praying for me to be still alive, I started looking around. In a few minutes, I found their lantern just around the corner and then a few paces ahead. Feeling wanted and safe, I smiled and shut my eyes shut even tighter, for until near dawn.

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