Your laugh and smiles

Distract me from your tears

You look to beer and wine

To mask all your fears.

You murmur when you talk

Shrouding your uncertainty

There’s a twitch in your walk

Suggesting some anxiety.

You hide in a cocoon

Fearing criticism from the world, fool.

This starts the transformation new

That makes you noticeable, one of a few.

You see, all your virtues had come to hide

In the fear that puts a twitch in your stride

But ever since you built a wall around yourself

You’ve stopped needing the world’s care and help.

You thought earlier, you were a worm

And had now transformed after a term.

But this is where you are wrong

You have been a butterfly all along.

The cocoon just helped you find

The pride in yourself, strength of your mind.

And now that you know your own self worth

You spread your wings and leave the Earth.

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