W for Wrong

Edited by Kiara Lakdawala


Yeah, you’re right, I'm wrong!

I’m two plus three equals six, when you were five,

I’m the tummy-against-surface, regret-for-life, flat dive

I’m the chorus of that monotonous, mind-numbing, old ass song,

Never got it right, did you? Yeah! Cause, I’m wrong!

I’m today’s brainwashed tipsy generation in grandpa’s eyes.

I am the two extra “I’llll bee fiiinee” shots on a Friday night

I'm your intoxicated kiss with her best friend at the prom,

And I’m you after that kiss. “I’m sorry, I was wrong!”

I'm the image of that corner girl in your class, who never speaks;

I'm a husband's point of view in an argument continued for weeks.

I am the mistake that you will never talk about life long,

I’m your decision to never talk about it ; I’m wrong!

I’m the measure of appropriateness from the other side,

I’m incorrect, unethical, blameworthy, the reason behind every crime.

I am the basis of every discussion, and I’m the purpose of a prolonged decision.

I make ethics and values what they are; I make them strong.

But wait, don't trust me! I might be wrong.

Animal abuse, terrorism, poverty, I’m all for it;

Drugs, pollution, and wars are my perfect fit.

They call me unemployed, racist and sexist sometimes.

I am all lost soldiers, and I am the reason they fight.

Maybe, this time I’m wrong.

Maybe...maybe this time I’m right.