Walking Corpse Syndrome

Edited By- Sanyam Garg

The silence is stunning,

The indifference impressive

Devil on my shoulder asks

About this desensitizing and harmful hush

I keep quiet, can’t light my fantasies

no psyche of musings only mystery

Things can't be switched

Just like the raindrop falls

And cease to exist

I fell and turned into a blur of nothing.

Don't your companions say, "Gracious! I'm dead!"; Now imagine the possibility of what they said was valid. Imagine a scenario in which the individual sitting before you didn't exist. Consider the possibility that he quit eating, resting or sleeping believing it's futile for a dead individual to do it? Dreadful, isn’t it?

Cotard’s syndrome, otherwise called “Walking Corpse Syndrome” is an extremely rare mental condition where people suffer from nihilistic delusion. They experience the ill effects of a skeptical fancy that they are dead or parts of their body no longer exist. A virtual connection cut between the brain and the emotions prevails.

One of the primary occurrence of this psychiatric condition was accounted by Charles Bonnet in the late eighteenth century. An old lady subsequent to recouping from paralysis attack made her daughters dress her in a shroud, put her in a coffin and mourn her death. Later, when she fell asleep she was put to bed and treated with opium and powder of precious stones.

A century later, French neurologist Jules Cotard (after whom the disease is named) described a patient with an unordinary grievance. She asserted to have no mind, no nerves, no chest, no stomach and no digestion tracts. She presumed she was immortal and it was foolish to feed her. Unfortunately, she eventually died of starvation.

Another patient Graham complained that he felt like his brain didn’t exist as if he had seared it in a shower. He believed it was pointless to eat on the grounds that he had already passed away. He stopped brushing his teeth, resulting in them turning dark, making him look significantly more like a body. “I’ve been analyzing Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans for 15 years and I’ve never seen anyone who was on his feet with such an abnormal result,” said Steven Laureys at the University of Liege. He stated that “Graham’s brain function resembles that of someone during anesthesia or sleep.” After his recovery program of therapy and medication he reported that he wasn’t back to ordinary but he could go out without anyone else and felt a great deal superior to anything he was.

A study conducted in Hong Kong and Mexico proved that about 0.6 percent of a country’s population suffers from this disease. While researchers know minimal about any outside reasons for the illness, they as of now stick it to a few failures in the cerebrum. The principal fizzle in a man happens in the part that perceives well-known faces around them. This issue frequently drives the patient to believe that a friend or family member or even their own particular reflection is not the genuine individual that they once knew. The second misfire occurs in the part of the brain that controls emotions. The disease is generally caused due to high dose of medicine, extreme depression due to confusion, migraine, schizophrenia, etc. It’s initial phase is marked by hypochondriasis, health anxiety, and severe depression. The patients become violent and in various cases have made several attempts to suicide.

Though there exist no recognized cure for the syndrome, medical help has definitely reduced the terrible effects of the disorder and has helped patients lead a life close to normal. Antidepressant, antipsychotic and mood stabilizing drugs have helped people suffering from Cotard delusions believe that they are alive. Electroconvulsive therapy has also proved to be effective for helping patients come out of their hallucinations.

In India, a couple of Medical universities in Kashmir deal with curing the Cotard's disorder and its postponed determination. Numerous patients in our country decline to be treated as a result of the social shame related with it. Since extraordinary tiredness and overdose of medications are the fundamental driver behind this disorder, numerous patients think that their bad habits would be highlighted publicly in the event that they go for the treatment. Pregnant women fear harm to their child and refrain from going to a psychiatrist. Therefore, a fight against the social stigma is a must.

“I couldn't build a home of people

But wrapped around heart strings

Inside my soul

I found a place to call my own.”

Let’s extend our help to the mentally challenged. They mean no harm; all they crave for is

care, compassion and

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