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‘A transactional relationship is a relationship where both parties are in it for themselves, and where partners do things for each other with the expectation of reciprocation.’

A contract is a legal document binding the two parties to reciprocate. Marriage is one of the best examples of how relationships can be bound by a contract. Fundamentally, the existence of the family as a unit is dependent upon a meager piece of paper that has terms and conditions of marriage.

The institutionalized construct of marriage creates a constant environment at home wherein the child is exposed to conditional love which fosters an ability to sustain only transactional relationships. This means that you cannot truly be with anyone unless they provide something in return.

Basically, if the reason for interaction is to want something specific then you clearly have a transactional relationship with them. True but what about people who you confide in? Don't they absorb your sadness for a lifetime, and being humans won't they expect something in return. They want you to be willing to absorb their sorrows.

Though it may be taken as a stretch by some, men demanding a 'girlfriend experience' from escorts strongly makes my point (because the men literally pay for someone to listen to them).

Another good example of transactional relationships in our everyday lives is our friendships. We sometimes label some friends as bad friends by remembering the time when they were not there when we needed them the most. This is because we expect the other individual to always as our Knight in shining armour because you were their emotional sponge.

Further, studying in a professional college like ours has made the statement below a fact.'It is funny how people forget you when they do not need any favours'.

A major chunk of everyone's social circle consists of people only because they require something tangible or intangible with them. It is only those four odd people who you are friends with for the same reason of being in their presence.

We need to remember those individuals who we so easily overlook because they never advertise their presence. We tend to throw away our emotional sponges and move on. The realization of the same will help us to enter relationships not purely for our benefit but for the greater good.

Peaceful coexistence of humans heavily depends upon the ability to maintain peace even without wanting something from the other party. Transactional relationships evolve into a belligerent people who want nothing to do with you unless you give something in return.

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