What You Are

You are more than what you think you are.

You are more than the meaning of your name. You are more than your lineage. You are not identified by where you live and the number you could be reached on. You are more than your weight and height. You are more than your skin colour and your hair length. Grades and marks don’t define you. You are more than your taste, hobbies, likes and dislikes. You are more than your daily routine. You are more than the number of friends you have or the number of relationships you have been into. You are more than the family vacations and trips with friends. You are above the efforts you put in to ‘fit in’ the society. You are not illustrated by your high end achievements or failures. Your mistakes don’t characterise you. You are more than the number of times you have fallen and laid there losing hope, thinking it to be the end. You are more than the times when you rose above , attaining your desire, accomplishing your dreams and feeling content.You are much more than these moments.

You are your own light, when the world out there seems dark and scary, when there is no hope, you are your own reliance. When surrounded by success and triumph, you are your own mentor to ensure your feet on ground and place humbleness instead of arrogance and boast. When fallen in the perplexity of making a choice, how just the decision you take, defines you. When at cross roads the right path seems difficult to take and the wrong one looks easy, your walk defines you. When you are fascinated by greed and temptations, how well you handle yourself, defines you. When the sun sets and people are blinded by the night, what you do in the dark, defines you.When you have the authority to decide for others, how well you exhibit your power, defines you. When you have the option of blaming someone else, how honestly you bring it on yourself, defines you. When you are blessed with material gifts, what you do with the abundance, defines you.When you lose yourself and you no longer know who you are, how well you define yourself, defines you.

Edited by Diya Mathew