Will Your Shadow Chase You Into The Dark?

Edited by-Kiara Lakdawala


So much has been propounded about this elusive concept. And today, I sit here typing away, adding to the pool of ideas written about ‘love.’ Love towards your own beautiful self. The kind of love; that has been promoted the least by any culture. Society today has routed love into a very narrow tunnel: you can love your parents, your parents can love you; you can love your children, spouse, friends, and even pets. And they, you.

Well, that’s alright. But, what about your own damn self? What about those times when you are on your own? The times when no one is able to feel as deeply as you do. When the mirror shouts back ugly words, that the society had once screamed at you. If you don’t answer with love, and instead lash back at the shadows that chase you, you will only be hurting yourself. Only with kindness and compassion can one actually speak to oneself. I have discovered that, only when I paint myself with gentle strokes, am I incredibly happy with the portrait.

Without loving myself truly, I would never be able to love anyone the way they deserve to be loved. When I say, love yourself. I don’t mean standing passively in front of the mirror, admiring your face, hair and body. While it is necessary to be loving towards your physical form, obsession is potent. It is important for you to know that there are a billion nuances that are unique to you. And only when you and I realize that, are we capable of looking beyond the illusions of the physical form. We need to keep discovering the little things about ourselves, to love eternally.

We have been living under the roof of a common fallacy for quite long. One adopted by all human beings. I have encountered instances when I ask myself: “How will I be able to love me?” – again, the same fallacy. Well, I used to think: “Isn’t loving just gift giving and taking.” Because to me; ‘self-love’ was self-indulgence that came with having an expensive taste. With time I came to understand, that a cushy life was comfortable but never sufficient. The need for better food and more money was always asking.

Once this understanding descends upon you, the roof of fallacy crumbles around you. Thus, giving way to an open sky, whose stars rearrange in a different pattern each night- never failing to surprise. Be aware that you are one and whole. With every stumble and fall, you are closer to a better you, than ever. If not anything, love that about you.

“I like you just the way you are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uZHBath6OU”

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