Wishing (U) Well, Emmanuel

I heard your voice again,

The banks on the river of the night,

Cries bellow from the wishing well,

Where the walls are built so very high

I thought that I knew you,

But you knew me all too well,

I hid from you till the wailing stopped,

Hid from you till the voices fell

Only a hush that we both knew,

To be the silence of the place,

It was something about our past that drew us to,

Where the night finally meets day

And ends,

Into something that we like to think was,

Star dust,

But it was plastic,

Choking all the galaxies,

Milky way was sad today,

Cause we had,

It in our hands, nothing but trouble,

And trouble lasts,

It lasts in picture frames and it drains,

Energy and the continuum of time,

Which lie awake through the night,

To see us through with blurry eyes,

Bid us good bye,

Good night

And that's where I heard your voice again

Wishing over lost coins,

The metal had lost its charm long ago,

I sat by the mouth of the well,

Staring into that empty hole

Gazing into the mouth of his frog,

That croaked wailing lost waking,

Hope is a tricky thing to tug,

The bucket had not been fastened at the bottom

But few drops did remain,

Residue and nothing else,

That's where I heard you voice again,

Sitting by the wailing wishing well

Trapped in a hold,

Moulded by plastic,

Tasked with disaster,

I had to master holding back to the strength of five,

Our lives from shedding as tears,

I fear that it won't last,

As everlasting hate,

In my heart,

As we part,

And the galaxies start to give way,

That's where I heard your voice today