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If you are a normally functioning adult like me, you deal with a lot of pressures every single day. Right from being somewhere at a particular time or dressing up in a particular way or using a certain kind of language. Now, these pressures maybe big or small, mild or intense are pressures nonetheless.

One of the many pressures that we face on a daily basis is the pressure of feeling something in a given scenario, most importantly feeling happy.

Now I am not going to tell you to quit your job and travel, I am not going to ask you finish that novel instead of hanging out with your friends because that makes you happy, for happiness doesn’t really depend on how you spend a particular hour on a particular day, it depends on your terms that you choose to make a life for yourself.

As improbable as it may sound, we do get to make our choices. One can either learn this in an easy way or a hard way but as a matter of fact, we always have an option of changing things in our lives.

Sometimes in the race of doing and making everything right, we often forget what the primary motive of each thing is. We are constantly struggling with the world’s labyrinthine protocols that we don’t even take a moment to stop and think that is everything really worth it?

Just like every other thing in life, we let society dictate our terms of being happy. This society of ours consists a major chunk of people who have similar viewpoints, and a minority who tries to rebel, but is usually termed insane or if you’re lucky enough, a misfit.

Steve Jobs rightly said that what you see around you, all of it, was created and established by people no smarter than you are. So if people who are more or less, as smart as you are; tell you what should make you happy and what shouldn’t and most importantly if you listen to these people, I can assure you that you’re wasting away.

Sometimes people get caught up on moral grounds, societal grounds or maybe even legal grounds. These grounds that we take so seriously are so volatile that they change their shape over time. If fifty years ago you came out to your parents as homosexual, they’d probably try their best to get you in a heterosexual relationship in order to avoid the shame that this fact could garner. If you come out today, they would probably be more supportive and accept it with you. Being your true self and accepting your much-deserved happiness by being with the person you love was maybe shame yesterday but it’s Pride today. All those people who lived miserably because of this couldn’t pick being happy because people around them made them believe that this wasn’t being happy.

It is very important to know that wherever you go, whatever you do, You’ll meet all kinds of people, people who’ll be open to the differences between them and you. The others, who are in majority; They would probably just try to force their ideologies down your throat.

The key to finding your joy is never letting intangible things get the better of you. No matter what anybody or everybody tells you, you are the only person who has to look out for you.

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